Friday, January 20, 2012

InstaFriday: Vintage Decorations!

InstaFriday: Decorations

I've gotten a few new little items from The Nest - my favorite vintage and shabby chic store in downtown Burlington - thanks to Granma and Grandaddy Shelley! They gave me a gift certificate for Christmas. :)

I collect antique Ball mason jars and I LOVE the blue ones. 

This is on a shelf in our kitchen nook.

Since the Christmas decorations are gone (sad!) - I put together a new coffee table arrangement. That little bucket can hold our remotes/a game controller. 

I am SO GLAD I bought that tray from The Nest. I couldn't decide how I would use it, but the grays and blues on it look perfect in our living room.

Can you tell I love using old Readers Digest books? (Inherited that love from my favorite decorator - my mother!)

The patterns on them are so lovely - and I've actually read out of some of them too. For one or two dollars a piece at antique stores, they're hard to beat.

This chalkboard also came from The Nest. I was going to make one, but this was the perfect size I was looking for with just the right color gray for the frame. And I couldn't make one that size for less than $12!

That verse always reminds me of God's amazing peace. Why do I worry about the future? The Lord of all creation has it under control.

I tend to freak out about things (just ask Jordan!), so I knew this would be an excellent verse displayed for me to see every day.

So thankful for that promise - I hope it can encourage you today as well.

I linked up with Life Rearranged!

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Happy Friday :)


  1. So happy to see Exodus 14:14!! It's my all time favorite verse! Love those Mason jars, too! Great stuff :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful!! I love the vintage look and you seem to have a great eye for decorating that way :)

  3. I saw that chalkboard there! Loved it but it wasn't the size I needed, so I ordered one from Etsy. I have some blue, Ball jars in my attic. I should get them down!!!

  4. These decorations are so incredibly cute :) I love them. You are an awesome decorator :)

  5. I love your decorations! They're so cute I just want to pin them :)

  6. love it all but love you the most! you're so beautiful and talented! and there's no doubt about it that you get it from your mother!!!

  7. I collect old mason jars too!! I love the blue glass jars, they are my favorite. Your decorations are great, we have the same style. I have never been to The Nest, do they have any antiques there?

  8. I had a chance to buy a BOX of blue mason jars at a garage sale last summer - FOR $1.00 EACH. But we were on our way to the beach for vacation and the car was jampacked already so I turned em down. KICKING MYSELF!!! All that to say I love your blue jars :)

  9. Wow! So many cute things! :) I wish I had a store like that nearby... actually, maybe I don't as I'd spend too much money there!

  10. first of all - you are adorable!! :) love the verse and love all your finds...i'm pretty sure our houses would match :)

  11. I love old Ball mason jars. I am going to have to check out this store! Love all your decorations. :)

  12. Very nice. :) I have three of the old, blue Mason jars and love them. I like how you arranged yours. Love the verse on your chalkboard. A wonderful reminder!

  13. I love those decorations! Ps I have a ton of blue (and clear) mason jars from my wedding just a few weeks ago. I need to get rid of them because I just don't have much room for them right now. If you're interested, email me :)

  14. My grandmother used to have all those Readers Digest books! I wish I knew what had happened them after she passed away...

  15. You have a wonderful decorating style and I love how you pull it all together. You are creating a beautiful home for you and Jordan. Love you both. Gma Shelley



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