Friday, January 6, 2012

Justin Bieber, basketball, Joshua, and Caleb.

Wondering how those people tie in with basketball? Well, wonder no longer because you're about to get told.

Wait. That's not what I meant. That sounds completely threatening. You're not about to get told. We're not about to have a street fight. I'm just going to simply tell you. (Glad I caught that. It was about to get crazy up in hurr.)

Yesterday I had an away game with my JV girls basketball team. We loaded up the bus and headed out to play, only to get there and find out our game was going to be an hour later than we thought. Grrr. Good thing I had my Kindle. :)

So while we were sitting there waiting, the girls talked to some of their friends who go to the school we were playing. Apparently their friends were talking about how good their JV girls are and that they hadn't lost a game.

Have I mentioned that we hadn't won a game? Yeah, I guess that's kinda important to mention. We've lost two games by 2 points, and one game by 1, but still hadn't gotten that W. 

So as you can imagine, the girls were a litttttle intimidated by this. Then they saw their opponents walking around. They were tall. They looked strong. Oh dear.

When I met them in the locker room after they had gotten ready, they were talking about this situation. Saying things that didn't sound very hopeful. Although in my mind I was thinking the same things, I put a quick stop to all of our thinking by saying that we did NOT need to go into the game with that attitude. 

This was when one of my girls chimed in and said, "This is just like the land of Canaan.

Some of the other girls just stared at her, confused.

"You know, when the group of Israelites went to check out the land of Canaan before they were going to take it over, and they thought the people looked too intimidating and big. They didn't want to do it anymore and they were scared. Except for Joshua and Caleb."

Okay, let me pause right here and say that I normally do a devotion before games, but this girl had just straight up done a devotion that directly applied to our situation without even meaning to. Wow. I was stunned. This is a girl who is around 15 years old.

This inspired me to no end. If only I could always have a heart like that, an attitude that looks at situation and immediately applies what I know from Scripture to it. God gives us so many amazing examples in the Bible of people who went through trials. They were REAL people, not just stories. It's awesome that we can relate to them!

As you may know, Joshua and Caleb were the only Israelites who had faith that God would help them defeat the big guys. The other Israelites almost STONED them for being so optimistic. But they knew the Lord would help them. Because of this, they were the only ones who were able to enter the Promised Land. Yeah...their attitudes paid off.

So there we were, one second complaining about how hard the game could be, and the next second dwelling on the fact that with God, anything is possible.

And you know what we did? We went out there and completely ran the floor. I spent the entire game in amazement. Our first win was against a team who hadn't lost. We scored 43 points. To put that into perspective, our highest scoring game thus far had been 19 points. Yeah. Crazy awesome.

I was so proud of them. Yes, for winning and playing ridiculously great, but most of all for their attitude shift before the game. That's exactly what believers are supposed to do - encourage each other and lift each other up with God's promises and with Scripture. In EVERY situation.

How does J. Biebz fit into this? Well for some reason when I was picturing Joshua and Caleb having faith that went against what everyone else was saying, this song immediately popped into my head. 

Thanks, Justin. If they ever make a movie about Joshua and Caleb, you could be on the soundtrack.



  1. WOW! Love that they won after hearing about the Israelites!!! They will ALWAYS remember!!!

  2. I gotta admit--I was super confused on the title at first, but I really love this post! Such a great reminder...thanks for posting this. I needed to hear this today!

  3. That is such an amazing story! Thanks for sharing. And thank you for tying it all together. I, too, was slightly confused by the title. Haha But it drew me in!! And I'm glad I read it. =)

  4. What a great story! Hopefully this leads to pulling in more stories and how great for their attitudes! what an example! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Isn't awesome when the kids you teach (coach) "get it"? :) God is pretty amazing to help us in our everyday life!! Great post!

  6. What a great post you are a great coach!! I was really confused at first how Justin Bieber fit into this haha.

  7. That is wonderful!!! THAT is what we teachers love to hear that the seeds we have been planting all of these years are being applied in every day life. Wow... that is something those girls will never forget!

  8. So sweet! Just found your blog and am a new follower!

  9. Ok let me just say you are gorgeous!! And your blog is too cute, your such a good writer :)



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