Monday, January 2, 2012

my 2012 goals.

Well Happy New Year, people. I guess we should enjoy this one since the world is going to end. (Kidding. I mean maybe not kidding, because no one knows when the Lord will come back. Whatever. You know know what I mean.)

I was meaning to post this Sunday or yesterday....but today will have to do. Yay for the first Tuesday of the year!

The other day I talked about setting goals over at Lauren's blog. I discussed how before I made resolutions goals I made categories to help prioritize things and organize everything in my head.

So today I'll share some of them. Not all of them...because some of them are kinda personal and you would never want to know them. But some.

Honestly, there's only one goal that truly matters. I really love how Lecrae put it on Twitter:

"My only resolution is having deeper intimacy with Jesus. All other goals/resolutions flow from there."

That is so true.

And Faith is definitely my #1, all encompassing category for goals. If that's not my first priority, then I've got it all wrong. But I did go a bit further than that with my planning. Here they are.

2012 Goals

1. Faith
Have my daily Bible reading and prayer time every morning. I tried to do this at night for a while, but it's just better for me in the morning. I am reminded of it throughout the day and I'm not forgetting it and falling asleep right afterward.

Have my Bible study book time each night. I have multiple studies that I'm doing right now, and I'm going to focus on those before I go to bed. 

Memorize more Scripture.

2. Ministry
Focus on Jordan as my #1 ministry. 

Intentionally try to bless someone (other than Jordan) each day.

Continue to make sharing the gospel with strangers a normal thing.

Use the blog as a ministry - not just a creative outlet.

3. Relationships
Consciously put Jordan's needs above my own.

Make it a habit to think about how I can respect Jordan before I react.

Call a friend/family member to talk at least once a week. This may sound dumb, but I've never been a phone person and I need to become one to keep up with my friends now that we're spread out!

Set apart time to return messages/emails each day. I am the worst at this. The absolute worst. As I talked about with my internet laundry

4. Home
Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. I'll show you my schedule soon. :) 

De-clutter to make more space.

Put away all clothes each day.

5. Health
Use meal planner.

Grocery shop once a week the day that I plan meals.

Cook a new meal once a week. This could be from my cookbooks or the internet.

Make workout schedule and follow it. (I'm already so sore from this! I guess that's a good thing.)

Go to bed earlier. 11:00 is the goal - the ASLEEP goal. Not the get in bed and do our devotions together and talk about everything and then read some more goal. The sleeping goal.

6. Finance
Do the budget with Jordan at the beginning of every month. 

Use the cash system.

Start using coupons.

Do not buy any clothes in 2012. This doesn't seem that bad to me but most people have been shocked when I've told them this. I guess it's because a lot of people like shopping, but I don't like shopping unless it's to spend time with my mom or a friend. I'm horrible at making decisions when shopping so usually I leave with nothing. (Unless I'm at Target. But not with clothes.)

Of course if for some reason I gain a ridiculous amount of weight, or a fire burned down our apartment, or something crazy happened I'd have to get clothes, but hopefully that won't be the case. I don't claim to know God's plans so I can't say that there is absolutely no way I could need to buy new clothes. But unless there is some specific need because of something like that, I won't buy any.

7. Work
These are more personal - but let's just say the overall biggie is to bring glory to God in everything I do - not separate it from the rest of life.

8. Blog
Interact with other bloggers more consistently.

Write more wedding advice.

There are a few other things I'd like to blog about more, but we'll see. I have so many ideas running through my head all of the time - I need to PLAN them out better.

Get ahead on my blog posts - schedule more of them.

Don't stress out about it. Keep it fun.

Well that's it for the ones that I'm sharing. Did you write about your goals for this year? If so, please do share with me. I'd love to see them. :)

Happy New Year!



  1. Great job on the goals! I like the structured aspect and the structure you are trying to put in with the cleaning schedule and meal planning. One of our goals is meal planning as well!

  2. What great goals.
    My husband and I made it a goal to find and attend a church in raleigh that has a great young adult group and attempt to read the bible more. I am setting a goal for one book a month and once I get into a routine I would love to bump it up. If you have any good couples devotion books I would love to hear some!!

  3. What a great list, Ashley! I love the blog goals...I need to start interacting more too! =)

    Happy New Year!

    megs [at] Shine On

  4. I am so excited to read your blog and I cannot wait to read your 2011 catch up...perfect for a new reader! I think we're going to be great friends :)

  5. your goals are so inspiring!!



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