Saturday, January 14, 2012

so much bigger than football.

Does it matter who won the football games tonight? Or if the Broncos won in overtime last week? Or who will win the Super Bowl? Does it really matter? 

From an eternal perspective, no. 

From an eternal perspective, what matters is that God is glorified. 

If football gets people talking about the gospel, then that matters. Not the football games or the players themselves - but the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It doesn't matter who you are. We are all nothing without Christ. 

Tim Tebow's platform has gone from the Gators to college football fans to Broncos fans to all of the sudden the WORLD.

What is my platform right now?
My family and friends? My basketball team? Raleigh, NC? This little blog? 

Whatever my platform is - I need to be glorifying God. Through good times, bad times, confusing times, ALL times. It is truly the only thing that really matters.

Did anyone else see this commercial tonight?

THAT is what matters.



  1. I la-la-love this post girl. So very true! :)

  2. This was on a commercial?!! How awesome is that!!! Love it! Love your post!

  3. you are SO right chica... glorifying our God is what matters. plain and simple, right? it should be atleast!

    xoxox thanks for this post

  4. I was soooo excited when we were watching the game and I saw that commercial!
    Yeh God!

  5. Well-put, Ashley! We've been Tebow fans since his days at Florida, and it's awesome to see him using his platform to spread the Word. Thank you for the challenge to use MY platform:-)

  6. I couldn't agree with you more! I have yet to see that commercial, thank you for sharing! That is awesome.

  7. Exactly! Agree and love this post. Isn't it SAD that I'm surprised this commercial was on television? So sad!

  8. Love this post! I 100% agree! I think it's amazing how much people talk about Tim Tebow- yes the man has to deal with a lot of critiscm but he does have everyone talking about Jesus!

  9. Its sad how blown away I am that the gospel was presented on should be a normal accurance.... a iamsecond commercial also made it onto national television. God is doing big things!

  10. That commercial was really, really super de-duper amazing :)



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