Wednesday, January 18, 2012

tagged again! my answers...

The lovely Kim at Grin and "Barrett" tagged me!

I won't waste your time with new facts about myself and questions, since I've already done that here, but I'm going to answer her questions of course.

By the way, check out Kim's blog. She is a sister in Christ and has been a sweet inspiration for me since high school! She and her husband are adorable.

Okay so here are Kim's questions for me.

1. What is your favorite game to play?
Jordan and I are obsessed with board games/card games. He got a new one called Ticket to Ride for Christmas which is quite fun. I love Monopoly Deal but he doesn't like it so much. (It stresses him out, haha.)


2. What is something you do in your spare time just for yourself?
Oh yeah and blog. :)

3. What is the most important trait to have in a marriage or relationship?
Being Christ-centered is definitely most important! The other important traits will stem from that - such as selflessness, respect, honesty, trust, etc.

4. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
North Myrtle Beach! I've been there every year of my life.

5. What is your favorite meal?
This is tough, but probably hibachi style chicken with rice, noodles, some veggies, and of course the white sauce.

6. What is your favorite Bible verse?
I have a lot of favorites, but since I was little I've always loved Philippians 4:7:
"And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus."

7. If you could visit one state/city in the USA what would it be?
I want to go to Alaska someday! We really want to visit them all, though.

8. What is the best surprise you ever received?
Definitely Jordan's proposal! Biggest shock of my life and by far one of the best moments. :) 

9. What is your favorite weekend activity? 
Getting together with friends/family and having a board game/movie night! I love having people over and just hanging out. While also spending time with my man.
10. What are you afraid of?
I talked about some of my fears a while back, but right now I'm afraid the squirrel that's been hanging out in our ceiling is going to somehow get in our home someday. I keep picturing him popping out of the fireplace and me going ballistic. 

11. What do you hope 2012 has in store?
More basketball wins, ice cream, lots of memorable times, and opportunities to glorify Christ every day!

Thanks for the tag, Kim!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

OH and by the way, there is an amazingly wonderful giveaway happening over at Allison's blog that involves Erin Condren! I actually don't want you to enter so I have a better chance to win. :) Haha but yeah...go enter and check out her blog!



  1. We love playing games too! The hubs just got Ticket to Ride Marklin edition for his birthday and it is super fun.

  2. How fun! We LOVE games too - such a fun activity together. and ummm LOVE that picture of your proposal!!

  3. That is the best surprise face in that engagement picture!! You are too adorable!

  4. Aww thanks dear! You're too sweet! I am so happy for your and your beloved husband, isn't God good!!! We love marriage too and it makes me so happy to read your blog and see the amazing things God's doing in your life :)

  5. whaaaaaat?! You're favorite place to vacation is North Myrtle Beach?!

    I basically grew up at the beach..I've lived an hour away my entire life. It always amazes me that people love coming here..haha.



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