Saturday, January 21, 2012

What have I done??

Today I spent some time with my wonderful mother.

Yeah. That beautiful lady.

Well....I introduced her to Pinterest

Gave her the full tutorial, made her profile, got her the Pin It button, everything.

 Tonight I got on the computer to check email and such. 

To find that she has pinned like 283 things.

Not really but it was a lot.

What have I done??

Just kidding, Mom. I'm gonna love looking at your pins. 

But if Twitter is next....I'm not going there. No way.

Love you. :)



  1. lovely picture of you & your momma :)

  2. that's so funny, my little sister and I were showing my mom too! she's not on it yet but getting there :)

  3. Love this! I'm trying to get my mom on the Pinterest bandwagon, but she's just technologically challenged...she actually used "world wide web" in a sentence the other day...I was horrified! Such a beautiful pic of you and your mom!

  4. Your mom is absolutely gorgeous-- that's where you get your good looks ;) Such a pretty family! My mom checks Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest everything…. it's getting out of control! lol

  5. Hi Ashley! I tagged you in a fun post! Hope you can come play along!

  6. I got my mom hooked too! She is obsessed with Facebook and Pinterest :)

  7. This is probably the cutest blog I've ever come across! And you're so gorgeous :)

    I love pinterest!!

  8. Hahaha I got my sister addicted to it last week :)

  9. You and your mother are adorable. Thanks for following! I really love your blog, just read your love story with jordan, sweetest thing ever!




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