Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest posting about my hometown - Raleigh!

I seriously just typed, "Happy Friday, y'all" and then realized it is in fact NOT Friday. My brain is just not working right today. Well, Happy Thursday, anyway! 

Today I'm guest posting at henning love about my hometown! So if you'd like to hear about where I'd take her for the day in Raleigh, NC, then hop on over there and check it out. You really should check out her blog anyway because Meg is quite the inspiration. You'll love it. :)

Meanwhile I'm on my way to Greensboro for the NCCSA 3A State Tournament! Have a great day my dears!


  1. I came across your blog via Meg's blog! I'm your newest follower! I love your sweet blog and can't wait to read more. I love finding other Godly women through this blogging world. :) Hope your day is blessed!

  2. I love finding other Raleigh bloggers!! I loved your post - they are definitely some of the best parts of Raleigh!

  3. OOH! I'm definitely going to check it out because Justin & I are going to the Carolinas for our honeymoon! Off to go read... ;)

  4. Ashley, I just came across your blog from Megs. It so great to see your heart for Christ. I am a new follower :)

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