Friday, February 3, 2012

InstaFriday: February Photo Challenge!

It's time for another InstaFriday

I realize that I haven't had many posts since last Friday. But basketball is about to end, and I will be posting more frequently. I apologize for my scarceness!

So most mornings as of late I've been drinking hot chocolate (since I dislike coffee) and it has been delicious. But it's not just normal hot chocolate - it's caffeinated! So I'm almost like a cool coffee drinker! 

Maybe I'll even start making comments like, "Don't talk to me until I've had my hot chocolate." 

Tuesday was awesome because my basketball team had a wonderful victory and my mom brought them cookies. Jordan and I ate the leftovers of course. :)

Wednesday I went on a walk with my best pal Maggie and her dog Finley. A longgg walk since we had a lot to catch up on. Finley was pretty tuckered out afterward.

During January, a bunch of my friends were participating in the January Photo Challenge. I totally missed that but decided to join in on February. :) 

Here's the February Photo a Day Challenge and the list of what I'll be taking a picture of each day.

Day 1: your view today.

I was making a craft for Valentines Day. It's a Valentine delivery truck that has a special surprise for Jordan in it each day until Valentines Day. :) I'll have to show y'all the finished product eventually. I didn't make all of those pieces, but I did assemble it! 

Jordan has loved it so far. It "stops" at a different place each day, so he has to find it. I sure do love being married. Have I said that before?

Day 2: words.

These words amaze me. 

God's love is deeper and stronger than anything we can imagine. I pray that you can know that love and be set free by it!

Day 3: hands.

This is my favorite thing about my hands. :)

Jordan knew nothing of what I would want for a ring and picked it out all by himself. Really I didn't have anything I wanted specifically, but I did like solitaires the best. I would have been happy with ANYTHING he gave me of course, but I truly LOVE my rings. He did such a great job. :) 

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Hey!! The instaphoto thing looks so fun! My rings are my favorite thing about my hands too!

  2. love this! that truck is the cutest EVER! i seriously am searching for the crafty bone in my body but haven't found it yet. also i don't ever think i've told you that i'm super jelly of your coaching job. love me some bball! your rings are gorgeous! and in the world do you not like coffee?!? you crazy gurl. <3

  3. fun photos - love your mug in the first one and your rings!

  4. Swung over here from Life Rearranged... fun to see your instaFriday pics! Can't wait to see the deets on that valentine truck. Always fun to see a boy oriented Valentine idea because those are hard to come by sometimes! Happy Friday!

  5. Beautiful ring!!! It's too cute that hubs picked it out all on his own, in my opinion too many girls these days pick out their own ring... I mean he is supposed to surprise you with it, how can you want to pick it out!??? Anyway... loved all the pics!!


  6. shut the front door!!! A delivery truck?! Blows my mail box outta the water! Love it!

  7. Oh, I'm so glad you stopped by my blog today :) I love what I've read so far! You are the same age as my oldest daughter and she loves being married too:) Well shoot....I've been married for almost 24 years and STILL love being married!! One thing for sure...Jesus definitely makes all the difference!
    ps. Love your mug too ;)

  8. visiting from instafriday - i LOVE hot chocolate too...not a huge fan of coffee! also, i LOVE your ring!

  9. Stopping by from InstaFriday :) I just had to stop when I saw your beautiful ring. It reminded me that this weekend 10 years ago my husband and I got engaged! So sweet! I have the same Anthro mug and love it. I once was a basketball coach, too but now I just teach and I'm a mommy, which fills my time. You have such a sweet blog. Glad I stopped by! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Love your ring!! I still get a little giddy looking down at mine!! And those cookies look so good! What a sweet gesture!!

  11. New follower after finding you on Life Rearranged. Love your ring - it looks a lot like mine!

  12. That hot chocolate looks delicious. I want one RIGHT Now.



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