Friday, February 17, 2012


So yesterday I said that today I would talk about choosing a photographer. That's because when I wrote that, I thought yesterday was Wednesday for about half the day. Yeah...without my JV basketball practices I'm just so mixed up. So come back for that on Monday, haha. 

Because today is InstaFriday! Yay!

Here is the delivery truck that supplied Jordan with Valentine treats for 14 days. It stopped in a different place every day. :)

My mom is awesome. She gave me three things that I kind of obsess over - Dove dark chocolate, Disney movies, and Star Wars. Yes, I'm weird.

And my sweet man took me on an AMAZING date and gave me an "A" bead for my Pandora bracelet! I like the simplicity of just having a few beads on it. 

Now for the February Photo a Day Challenge pics!

You may remember my closet woes in my "case of the somedays" post, and there she is, bless her heart. It's small, and it's for both of us, but that's why I love it - because it's for US. And I'm not buying any clothes to put in it this year, anyway! :)

Four out of my five years coaching, we've won the state championship. As you can see, it wasn't prevalent before then. (Although I was in the state championship my senior year of high school!) It's been quite a run. Starting today, we're going for another one!

And after this year we're leaving our 3A Christian school conference and going to the independent conference. So this will be our last time in this tournament. So weird!

I still melt every time I see the word "husband". He has my heart.

Some of my "favorites" in my phone.  And the symbols that represent them. :)

This is what's new in our place. A little corner for me to do my Bible study and drink hot chocolate in the morning - I love it! The table, chairs, and lamp are from The Nest of course. :)

My favorite clock that hangs on our fireplace. 

Linking up with Life Rearranged again! You should too. :)

life rearranged

By the way, I'm jamming to my 90s playlist on Spotify right now, and it is ridiculously good. Oh, Hanson...

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I'm loving your little corner with the small table and chairs! Such a great idea :)

  2. Good luck with basketball! Wow, what a record! congrats! I love the word "husband" too, even after almost 25 years :) And thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog!

  3. Um, that truck is adorable!!! What a great idea :) And I love Star Wars, too! How do you get the little icons on your phone??

  4. These pictures are so adorable! That little nook would be perfect for the mornings, and that truck is precious!


  5. I love the little reading corning! Such a cute idea!!

  6. I love your corner table. So cute and I love, love those chairs.

  7. I love that I'm a flower in your phone. :) Love you!

  8. I love what you made your husband!! How cute & creative is that!!!



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