Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Picture Recap.

The past week in pictures. Since I missed InstaFriday again, sadly.

My parents had the varsity girls over for a team meal. :) They are such a fun group! And beautiful, too.

We had this delicious cookie cake for dessert.

Our theme for the end of the season was "All In". We focused on how as Christians we need to be "all in" for Jesus - holding nothing back, living 100% for Him. And the girls needed to be "all in" on the court. (They were!)

I went to a Saturday night church service and had sushi with one of my best friends Courtney. It was seriously amazing. 

Here are my February Photo a Day Challenge pics!

My husband likes to drink orange juice with dessert. Especially in his fancy monogrammed mug. Oh, Jordan.

This is the one move that Jillian makes me do that I strongly dislike. (Jordan gave me the 30 Day Shred for Valentines Day. Yeah. It's all his fault.)

But honestly, I really like the videos. I've definitely noticed changes in my body. And my clothes are fitting differently. :) Yay! I'm not trying to lose weight, though. I just want to tone up and be more FIT!

I love The Excellent Wife Bible study (by Martha Peace) that the married women are doing at church. It's been such a big help to study more about my role as a wife and to hear more experienced, godly women talk about it. I'm so blessed to be a part of it!

This picture was taken at my last Canes game. It was an awesome game - we won and Chad LaRose got a hat trick on hat night. So there were thousands of hats being thrown everywhere! Oh and I was crushing HARD on my future husband. I got him tickets. :) He would soon be mine. Haha.

This picture makes me sad now because basketball is over. But I'm so thankful for my first opportunity to be a head coach. I'll never forget this past season.

I've had these shoes for at least three years and they've always been some of my favorites. Gotta love good TJ Maxx finds!

My hotel bathroom cabinet while we were at the state tournament. I'll have to show you my real bathroom cabinet sometime because we have a big collection of those little hotel soaps and such. :)

Green. Actually there was a little blue in there too on that particular day. Sometimes they're so light green they verge on yellow (not cool). But not that day.

We celebrated my new job by popping the bubbly the day I found out. And in our world bubbly = sparkling grape juice. :)

One thing they didn't tell me in premarital counseling:
Don't be in shock when you find out how many pairs of socks your husband goes through in one week. 

My dad and his team at their last practice. Such g's. 

During my spare time at the state tournament I spend some quality time with Katniss. And finished the series for the second time. It was seriously better this time. 

Me and a few of my girls after our semi-final game. I sure am gonna miss them.

What a week. Tomorrow I start my full-time job! Ahhh! Prayers are appreciated. :)

Hope y'all had a great week! 


  1. Good luck with your new job!! Life changes are always fun!

  2. The ladies at my church did The Excellent Wife study and it really is an awesome study. I could see the changes in my marriage when I put in practice some things from it. Sadly it's been awhile and I've let them go. I need to go back and re-read it.

  3. I would Love the be part of a womans Bible study, sounds like a very rewarding experince. Good luck on the new job.. go get em girl!!

  4. What a great post! This all looks incredible!


  5. Please tell me what kind of sushi to order! That looks amazing...but I never know what to get when I'm looking at a menu! :(

    LOVE the shoes.

    I know that dreadful Jillian move...ugh.

    And...good luck with your job!

  6. Love this post, AND I am definitely planning on re-reading the Hunger Games series for the 2nd time. I think I need to start tonight :o)

  7. yay! I actually think I may try and read them a second time as well. I'm so excited that the film is right around the corner too :). You look gorgeous as always. ANd I'm glad you found a job. Where did you find one???


  8. Hope you are having a GREAT first day at your job!!! :)

  9. I was planning on reading the Hunger Games again before the movie comes out. Glad to know it is even better (is that possible?) the second time!

  10. I'm almost finished with Mockingjay for the first time, gahhh!!! Love the series!!! Good luck on your new job :)

  11. Good luck on yoor job!! :) Ohhh, the joys of husbands & their million pairs of socks, ha1

  12. What a weekend! I really like the excellent wife book, I can't wait to put it into practice in 3 weeks!!

    You are so beautiful and those eyes!



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