Sunday, February 12, 2012

what a week - in pictures!

Since I didn't participate in InstaFriday a couple days ago due to being crazy busy with basketball, I'm just gonna go through the photos right now. :) Including the ones from the February Photo a Day Challenge!

We had a little Super Bowl get together with some of my friends. 

I made some football brownies!

Basically I made brownies and cut them into football shapes. Some of them looked nothing like a football. It would help if you have a cookie cutter or something because it's not as easy as it sounds, haha. Then I used white gel icing for the laces!

I also made those pretzel/Hershey's kiss/m&m things. In the team colors, of course!

They are the easiest thing ever. Get checkerboard type pretzels, line up a bunch of them, put Hershey's kisses on them, and put them in the oven at 170 degrees for like 5 or 6 minutes. Push the M&Ms down on them, stick them in the freezer for about 10 minutes. And there ya go - a perfect ratio of chocolate to saltiness. YUM.

(I hope that's accurate - I really don't remember where I found the recipe and I think I may have just done my own thing but I"m not sure, haha. Let me know if it's wrong and they turn out awful but I doubt you could mess those up!)

As you can see we also set up a dry erase board (aka picture frame with paper in it) for people to choose what team they were pulling for.

I also made a little banner for the occasion, and once people got there we had all kinds of good food on that table! It was all delicious.

Some of my best girl friends were there. :) Sarah, Brittany, and Britney! We had a little game going with prizes, so Britney was proudly displaying the Ring Pops they won.

A few days ago I tweeted about my Diet Cheerwine, which I had never had before. I only had the regular kind. But I forgot that most people don't know what Cheerwine is because they're not from North Carolina. All I have to say about that is - get some. Get some now. It's tasty cherry goodness.

We went to visit our friends Kyle and Katelyn and their beautiful baby girl Adah. She's four months old and absolutely precious. Obviously.

And now it's time for the February Photos of the Day!

I don't know why I put #3 for this one. It was definitely #4. 

Yes, I felt creepy taking a picture of a stranger. 

This is Charlotte.

I love spending time with her at church. Charlotte is blind - and she is one of my biggest inspirations. I am so thankful for her and how God already uses her sweet little life. 

My man made us dinner. It was yummy and I love him.

I love my book page candles.

No, I didn't make them, but I bet you can guess where I got them - yep, The Nest!

The sun refused to come out on the one day I needed to take a picture of it. Oh well.

It was too cold and late to take a picture from the outside - so here's our front door and what I call the "foyer" from the inside. :)

After a long, hard, wonderful day of basketball I snapped this self portrait. 

And last but not least, what makes me happy? My husband's kisses.


  1. Ha, I love the photo of a stranger - very fun...and not creepy at all. ;) Your party looked so fun, lady! I love the pretzel/hershey kiss item. I will HAVE to make those.

    Keep Shining,
    Shine On

  2. These are so adorable! I have been seeing the pretzel things everywhere, and I definitely need to make them. Your party was adorable!


  3. Those brownies are so fun! You always have the cutest posts and you ALWAYS look smashing :)

  4. You are so adorable. I wish we were real life friends - I think we would have fun together!! PS I love your eye make up in the last picture... is it grey shadow?

  5. Loved the pics. Your brownies were quite impressive. :) Glad you had a great time with friends!

  6. Look at how cute you were with the brownies and the m&m pretzel things!! So fun!

    Anne of Avonlea!!! What a great book :)

  7. Those football brownies are so fun! Love the little banner too! I made one like that for Brandon when he came back from his latest deployment. Gotta love Pinterest right? And of course I love all your pics, but following you on Instagram lets me be an instant creeper! You'll have to let me know how you like the Jillian Shred. You know I'm a work out Queen ;)



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