Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where have I been??

I think I missed March. It started, and now all of the sudden it's almost gone. 

I've been kinda absent from the blog world during this month, but I think I'm about to jump back in full force.

So what in the world have I been doing? I'll give y'all an update.

1. Spending lots of time with family.

We were able to go to Greensboro (Jordan's hometown) two weekends in a row which was awesome! 

I love hanging out with my sis-in-law Anna. :)

We went to the NC zoo and it was a blast. 

No, this is not a painting, it's a picture taken from my phone! Yeah - GORGEOUS. God's creation is amazing.

We've gotten to hang out with Jordan's lifetime buddies. And yes, Jordan let me shoot his gun. What a pal.

And it's been so much fun spending time with our family who recently came back from living in China. But more on that later - you're going to get a full post of my nephew's cuteness. :)

2. Work, work, work.

Working full time takes up a lot of time. That seems like the most sensible statement ever, but I guess I didn't understand the extent of it until I started working full time. Which I'm VERY thankful for...but onto more fun things...haha.

3. House hunting. 

We are taking it slow, that's for sure. We are seriously all over the place when it comes to this, but like I said before, we're in no rush! And also, did you know how many websites there are for house hunting??? And how many of those have really nifty apps???? Yeah, well, let's just say I spend a little time on those. Okay a lot.

4. Church and Bible study.

This is how our week goes: 
Sunday - Church in the morning. Quiz bowl practice/youth group in the afternoon or at night. (We have the awesome privilege of leading it with another couple! SO COOL!)
Monday - Ladies' Bible study on The Excellent Wife.
Tuesday - We usually reserve this night for hanging out with friends or my side of the family.
Wednesday - Church prayer meeting.
Thursday - Jordan leads a Bible study at our place.
And then the weekend is packed.

5. Celebrating our anniversary. :)

Here's me on our trip in front of the Bodie Island Lighthouse! 

The Outer Banks was SO much fun and I can't wait to share more about it. NC is just the best in my opinion. :)

And we're still not done celebrating...we're having an anniversary photo session on Sunday! YESSSS! So pumped. 

So as you can see just from those few things my plate has been quite full lately. (Thank goodness for my Erin Condren planner!)

But I hope to be here a LOT more regularly now. And the Bloglovin' app helps me keep up with blogs so much better these days! I just need to get better at commenting because now it's so easy to read and just move to the next one without leaving some love. Sorry y'all. I will share my comment love much more freely. :)


  1. You have such a great bible study plan. We are trying to get involved in small groups at a church we recently started going to but its so huge, we see new people everyday and are having a hard time finding where to start!

  2. I'm looking forward to your post about the outerbanks-I've always wanted to go there! We are moving to Greensboro in the fall...and will be househunting there. Would love to get a local perspective on neighborhoods, schools, etc.

  3. That picture is amazing!

    Happy belated anniversary! I hope you guys are having a blast celebrating it!

    I know what you mean about reading via Bloglovin. Between that and getting really behind on reading I don't comment much either. But I'm hoping to do a better job of that!

  4. You've been missed! So glad you are back! Girl, you are BUSY!!!!!!! Slow down before you crash!!:) Can't wait to hear the details of your trip and of Harvey!!:)

  5. Wow, so busy but so fun! Gorgeous picture of the lighthouse, I need to get there someday! Can't wait to read more about your trip!

  6. You've def been busy--- having mostly fun though it sounds like :)

    House hunting is SO MUCH FUN! We've lived in our house for about a year, and I'm starting to look at houses again-- haha, even though we don't plan on moving for years. I just LOVE to look at houses and get ideas :)

  7. Sad to say, I live in NC & have never been to the Outer Banks!! I want to go, & hopefully will one day :) My husband has been & talked about how pretty it is!

  8. I did the Excellent Wife study as a newly wed and while a few things in the study seemed a little extreme, it was SO foundational to our (great) marriage! I wish every young (or old, for that matter!) wife would read the book. It's a keeper!



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