Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life Lately through Instagram!

Oh heyyyyyy. How's it going, blog peeps?? I've missed you.

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Life is so busy but I'm not complaining. We are mucho blessed. Here's some updates.

(Through Instagram pics of course! But Jordan ordered us a new little camera so more pics will be on the blog in the future...)

We have a lot of weddings to attend this summer/fall. One weekend in June we have a wedding Friday night and then one the next day on Saturday. It's gonna be cray. (Cray is our new word these days, we're weird.)

One of those weddings will be that of my beautiful friend Sarah! I went to her shower the other day and it was so good to be reunited with some of my lovely high school friends. Yes, I know, it's odd but very cool that I'm still so close with at least 10 of my high school friends. :)

Carrie, Keri, Sarah (the future bride!), Sarah, and Me
Last weekend I was abruptly woken up earlyyy Sunday morning with EXTREME pain in my lower left side. I started freaking out, Jordan thought it was my appendix and was about to rush me somewhere, but then luckily he looked it up and your appendix is on your right side apparently. 

I just waited it out and it eventually faded (after Jordan calmed me and helped me through it by praying and singing - wow I love that man) and I was able to get some sleep. I still didn't feel so good the rest of that day though and laid around lookin' all bumlike as you can see by this pic.

But that was seriously so painful. From talking with others who have experienced the same sort of thing it seems as though it may have been an ovarian cyst that burst? I don't know for sure. I didn't go to the doctor, I know I probably should have, but after that day it didn't bother anymore so I think I'm fine. I definitely have a high pain tolerance though so that really freaked me out. 

So I know you must have been dying to know how our quiz team did at the Bible quiz bowl! Okay maybe not but I'm gonna tell you anyway. They did wonderfully. 

Here's our little youth group/quiz team. :)

They were the smallest youth group from the smallest chapel and the youngest team there for there first time ever. So with all of those factors combined, they were definitely the underdog. But they made it to the final round! We were so proud of them and their hard work. And we had a blast at the youth rally. Jordan and I were so blessed to be leaders and we are excited about doing more fun activities with our little youth group. :)

We've been spending as much time as possible with this little guy and his parents since they've been back from China.

I don't know if that was his first taste of ice cream or not, but he sure acted like it was. He's definitely a Shelley - the family of ice cream lovers. 

Harvey just gets cuter and cuter. There is seriously about to be a blog post all about him because you need to see more pictures of him. You just need to. We're also about to go to the beach with them for 5 days aaahhhhh I'm so excited I can't even stand it!

Speaking of the beach, I've pretty much declared it summer. White sandals and bag and all. 

Including multiple servings of this strawberry shortcake with ice cream deliciousness. Oh man.

I want some right now. 

And last night we went to this amazing barbecue place in downtown Raleigh for the first time. It's kinda a fancyed-up barbecue place if you will. Yum. 

Our great friends Chris and Elizabeth took us there for Jordan's birthday. Oh yeah, my husband had a birthday. He's now 24! But I'll blog about that after we have his party next weekend. :)

Speaking of my gorgeous hunk of a man, he started another season of basketball and I'm loving it of course.

The downside is that it's on Monday nights always which is when I go to my ladies' Bible study. :( But some nights I can do both thankfully. I love cheering him on!

So that's a little of what's been going on lately. I'll leave you with a smile and some yellow. (I love wearing yellow as a brunette. So much better.) 

BY THE WAY. Here's my request. Since so many more people have Instragram now - PLEASE leave me a comment with your username so I can follow you! I LOVE INSTAGRAM so much more than all other forms of social media. I want to follow you!

My name is ashleyshellz so you'll probably see me stalking your pics. I'm thinking about changing my name to christianwifelife so people don't have to remember my actual name and since there's so many Ashleys to keep up with, but we'll see. 

Good night my dears!


  1. So much fun going on lately! Sorry to hear about your pain :-( but glad you're doing better now. I was on a Bible Quiz team when I was in jr. high/high school...that brought back the memories! Hope your weekend was a good one!

  2. I love Instagram! My username is blondemadsen :)

  3. That's horrible about the pain you experienced a few days ago!! Pain in your torso is the worst because it seems like no matter what you do, it hurts!
    Really enjoy your blog! Hope you have fun at the beach with your family!
    Also, I'm lauriebann on instagram :)

  4. I love instagram too! I'm JaydaMartens

  5. We almost went to The Pit last night, too! But went to the Big Easy instead... we are still dying to go though!

  6. ljberk :) i love your blog (clearly).

  7. I'm still friends with TONS of my friends from high school - we all went to college together, too, so it made it sweeter! :)

    I'm on instagram: shannonsebastian

    happy monday!

  8. I love instagram as well! Love living life with people through pictures. My instagram name is @franjenkins

    Happy Day! :)

  9. Hi! You inspired me to get instagram! Beware, all my pictures may be of James :) but feel free to follow me! Username: beccabarr89

  10. I love your blog and instagram too! Just started blogging and yours is just too much fun to follow! God bless :)

    username: tayylauren

  11. An ovarian cyst bursting sounds scary!! I probably would've freaked out and went to the ER. Glad your feeling better though! I'm sure that ice cream and strawberry shortcake helped! I'm pretty sure ice cream helps with just about anything though. :)

    And my instagram username is simplydove if you wanna follow! :)

  12. If you didn't go to the hospital when something burst, I am pretty sure you have a high pain tolerance! haha. I'm glad you're all right!

    And Instagram is amazing. My username is anniewiltse!

  13. I love instagram! my username is runoneaglewings and so glad you are feeling better!

  14. I love Instagram too! My username is Fay143. See you soon! :)

  15. Instagram is my new favorite waste of :) my username is: elisesandrina
    Love your blog!!

  16. I'm really enjoying your blog! @kelseymichaelastaton :)



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