Monday, April 16, 2012

The Prayer of a Child.

Every Wednesday night, our church (Western Wake Bible Chapel) has a prayer meeting. We have a little time of Bible study/one of our men sharing what God has put on his heart, and then we share prayer requests, break up the guys and girls, and have a time of prayer.

I love this time because we grow so much together as a body of believers when we lift each other up in prayer and encourage each other during our struggles, and also rejoice as well. I'm so thankful that we have the freedom to meet and do this. 

We actually have quite a few kids at our church despite our size, and those kids are PRECIOUS. I love getting to know them. A couple weeks ago Jordan and I were cracking up with some of them for a while, and afterward they told their parents, "I didn't know Jordan and Ashley were so weird!" I think that was a compliment, haha.

When we have our prayer meetings, it's not just for the adults. The kids pray too if they want to. Which is almost every time. 

And let me just tell you, those prayers are some of the most wonderfully sweet, convicting words I have ever heard.

The prayers they pray are simple, straightforward, and genuine. With their sweet little voices they boldly pray on behalf of their friends, family, and neighbors who aren't saved. They pray for their siblings and their parents. They praise the Lord and give thanks to Him.

The one phrase that some of them say almost every Wednesday is the one that always gets me:

"I pray that I will love You more."


How often do I simplify my time with the Lord, praising His name, and then just ask to love Him more? Hardly.

I'm challenging myself this week to focus on loving Him more. With all of my heart, soul, and mind. Not anything flashy or complicated. Simplified.

Do you have a current focus in your spiritual life? Maybe it could be focused on being still. Or on thanksgiving in a time of hardship or complacency. Or maybe it's being content. (I personally need endless time for each of those!)

I'll never be able to love Jesus perfectly, or even be able to begin to grasp His love for me. But I can pray to love Him more. And that is one prayer that I already know the answer to. :)



  1. What an amazing post! Thanks for this one Ashley. We will never comprehend his love or be able to love like him. But we can ask him to help us in our efforts to live a life of love for him :)

  2. Children never cease to amaze me! This past Sunday at church a six year old went up on stage during worship and said she had a word from God. She said, "God is here, he loves us and Jesus died for us." It was completely breath taking.

    I hardly ever ask for more myself, that is definitely something I need to be aware of.
    Thank you for sharing that story!

  3. Chill bumps! Great post and something to definitely remember!

  4. What a great prayer! This is one wise child. Children have incredible faith and such simple requests - I wish I could be more like them!

    I've been a reader for a few months and really enjoy your blog - it's such an encouragement! Thank you.

  5. That's amazing! We can really learn a lot from childlike prayers and childlike faith! :)

  6. Wow. If we only prayed that one line everyday for the rest of our love Him more. Wouldn't that really solve all of our other problems? I hope your Wednesday is a good one!



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