Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picture and Life Update!

So I never showed y'all my May Photo a Day pics. Since I'm way overdue for a photo update they are. NOT in order. That's how they loaded and that's how they'll stay, haha. Excuse my laziness. But since we're over halfway through June anyway, I guess it doesn't matter. :)

My BFF Ashlee and I during a night of fun and Nerf fights.

My blinding workout clothes. And no, I don't even run outside. Actually, I don't even run period. (H8 running.)

My sweet aunt and uncle gave us this Daily Light book for our anniversary. It has two compilations of Scripture for every day of the year. They showed us their old Daily Light book that they've been using for years, and their parents'. So cool.

Two necessities for my new job: watch and water bottle. Thanks, Target.

Get in my belly.

My adorable Kindle case is from Bluebird Mountain Etsy shop. LOVE it.

A peaceful morning to me = the Word and hot chocolate.

My favorite snack ever.

Love my beautiful mothers. :)

One of our auto-refractors at work. This little guy can estimate your distance prescription in about 30 seconds!

A sunny day with my man.

After a few years apart I got to reunite with the Lovette boys. :) And Jordan fit right in with their....uniqueness. Haha.

Easter pic of my amazing fam. (No, my bro is not an Express model...yet.)

From the back porch of where we stayed in Morehead City. I wanna go backkk!

Mr. Blue Sky. (A gold star for anyone who can name the band who sings that song. One of my faves.)

Vacation was a blast. More pics of that to come. :)

Jordan got his hair chopped if you didn't notice! I LOVE it.

My mom's cookies. Mmmm.

I sure am longing for that beach again.

Okay, hold up. Have you read The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers???? YOU SHOULD. These books have inspired me ridiculously. I don't know if I've ever read fictional books that have helped my walk with God so much. Except for maybe Redeeming Love. Which is also by Francine Rivers. She is a baller.

My sweet mother-in-law preparing some wonderful food for us at the beach. We feasted every night.

The smells of my man.

I seriously wish I could jump into this picture.

My bedtime lately. (Sooo early for this night owl!) We are constantly on the go when we're not working and it's so TIRING. But I love it.

Oh heyyy pink scrub day.

Sun during rain. The devil was beatin' his wife. (If you haven't heard that expression, you should probably view my accent vlog from a while back.)

The only One who never fails! I can always stand on His promises.

Doing my gorgeous friend Lindsay's hair for a wedding. And eating a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids. I love them both. I love her more than Sour Patch Kids. (That is a LOT of love right there.)

That's all for now. :) More updates coming soon! Too much life is happening to not share! 

Now I'm off to read some blogs. :)


  1. You are seriously adorable!!! And way good at monthly photo challenges. I've only fallen behind once this month - yay! Ha!


  2. Love all the pictures!! Looove Morehead City :)

  3. Love these pictures! The beach looks incredible!

  4. I always enjoy seeing people's photo-a-day post. Looks like it's been a great month! Happy Tuesday to ya.

  5. Thanks for the updates- they were all so cute! I'm slacking on my June photo a days-- whoops! ;)

    Also- there is NO better snack than goldfish flavor blasted xtra cheddar!!! LOL, I do like the flavor blasted pizza ones too, but cheddar is #1!!! :)

  6. Nerf fights are SO much fun!!
    I am also jealous that you run. I've always wanted to enjoy running!

  7. Loved all of the pictures - especially of our vacation! Love being your other mom too! Love you sweetie!



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