Monday, August 13, 2012

In honor of Shark Week.

I've always had a fascination with the ocean and the creatures who call it home. It is such a mystery and something we will never fully explore.

My little brother was borderline obsessed with it when we were little and had endless books and movies about the ocean and octopuses (I thought it was octopi but it spell checked me??) and giant squids. 

I've always been one to be in the water a LOT at the beach. I love boogie boarding and Jordan got me a nice body board for Christmas. :)

BUT....I've had a fear of the ocean since this scary incident in Hawaii. You may remember that story. The feelings of terror return to me whenever a big wave comes or my feet can't touch the bottom in the ocean. It is so wimpy, I know, but I think it's going to take some time for me to be comfortable in the ocean again. Maybe never.

Also, remember how I just said that we went to Cherry Grove in North Myrtle Beach? Well while we were there I was shown a YouTube video that was taken in the sound where the beach condos we rent are located. I repeat - this was EXACTLY WHERE WE WERE.

Watch this only if you're not going to be at North Myrtle Beach any time soon.

That is friggin scary. I flip out if a fish touches me in the ocean. A little fish. Seaweed even.

I like fishing but I don't like swimming with them. Unless they're pretty ones that we are watching while snorkeling in mostly clear water so I can see where they are.

We've had to evacuate the water at the beach before because of sharks...but to see that on video makes it a lot more real. One more reason for me to be scared of the ocean.

God sure did make some interesting creatures, didn't He?

Okay, I'm going to go watch some Shark Week and scare myself even more. 

Are you watching any of it? Any scary shark stories??



  1. I feel the same way! And then THIS was on our news last week! Yikes!

  2. i freaking LOVE SHARK WEEK! as a florida girl it literally makes me want to pee my pants. and let's be honest here, i've stayed out of the ocean more. but hey, they're out there, not much i can do about it. plus i'm in the middle of cocoa beach and Sebastian beach where they hang out, soooo i tried to avoid going in the ocean as much as possible.
    i've never seen one though. which i feel like i'm lacking as a that bad?

  3. I'm pretty terrified in the ocean!! I def will not be watching your video because we've gone to cherry grove during spring break the last few years and I just couldn't handle that!! Lol!! I hope you can overcome your fear but I also think it's one of those healthy fears!!



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