Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Church and Beliefs.

A common question I'm asked is about what type of church we attend. What denomination are we? What are our specific beliefs
These are not questions with simple answers. 
Usually I say, "We are non-denominational." 
And then I get, "Oh, so you're like such-and-such church down the road?" (They just name a church that doesn't have Baptist/Methodist/Presbyterian in the name.)
"Well then what are you??"
And this is when I ask them if they really want to know, because it might take me a little while to explain.
First and foremost, we're simply followers of Christ. Saved by grace through faith. Serving a living God with whom we have a relationship. Living to bring Him glory.
But one of the greatest joys that we can have here on this earth is to fellowship with other believers - sharing a common purpose of glorifying the Lord and spreading the gospel.
Since we are humans/sinners/not perfect, we base our "church" gathering on New Testament principles. For some it may seem old-fashioned. There are a few things that may stand out to you if you visited our church. Things that may seem different or unusual to you.
I'm going to direct you to our church website for an explanation of these differences - Mark Frees did a far better job than I could have when he wrote this article on New Testament Assembly principles that is on our church website. (Western Wake Bible Chapel)
I encourage you to read the whole article for a better understanding. Here are a few points you will learn about as you read.
1. The Lord's Supper - We break bread every Sunday and have a set apart service to do so. The meeting is all about what Christ did for us. Men share Scripture, prayer, and songs as they are led by the Holy Spirit - there is no set "speaker".
2. No "pastor" - We are led by elders, men of our assembly who are mature believers and committed to leading our assembly. 
3. Men and women's roles.
Our church specifically is a gathering of about 40-50 people who meet in Apex. Although we are small, we have a pretty diverse group. Jordan and I are able to learn from other couples our age, older believers, and help with the younger ones. We are SO thankful for our assembly!
Currently we are renting out Potter's Hand Bible Church on Sunday evenings so that's where you can find us. The "church" is definitely not the building, but the body of believers. We are searching for a new building in Apex to accommodate our growth, though!
It can be hard to understand all of this unless you actually visit. (Please do!) I hope the article answers some of the questions I've gotten concerning our church, but I will be happy to answer more if you'd like to email me! 
Speaking of email, I'm about to go on a crazy email rampage this week. I've gotten so, so behind in even looking at it. Please forgive me!
Hope you're having an amazing Sunday. God is so good.


  1. Great post! I've been scheming up something similar. I always went to Baptist churches growing up but now we go to a bible teaching church. No denomination, no true pastor. Just a group of guys who ARE ON FIRE for the Lord. Truth is spoken there. No fluff. And it's what I've been looking for for, well forever. Love your convictions :)

  2. Hey Ashley,
    Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm a bit on my own journey at the moment, processing 1 Corinthians 14, and my own role as a part of the body of Christ - what's my place in church? How do I contribute? I'm at the place right now where I can't say I have a definitive answer, but I know I'm not comfortable sharing in church - preaching, teaching or otherwise. This is causing a bit of a ruffle in some of the leaderships' feathers, seeing as they recently asked me to share in a service and I declined; your post came at the right moment to encourage me! I would love to hear you share more about your own place and journey, and what God-things you are learning at the moment.
    Thanks and blessings,
    xx Rachael

  3. Hey! We meet similarly to you all! Just under 200 of us meet in a home together and each Sunday we also break bread. So cool to hear the details of the place where you meet.

  4. I had no idea you lived in the Raleigh area!?!? =) We do too!!! Great explanation BTW. Always a tough topic. xoxo

  5. Anna loved visiting there on Sunday with you all! Thanks so much for the post and the link to Mark Frees' pamphlet. I read that years ago but it was great to read it again.

  6. sounds like a great church. thats cool that you meet in an office building. i love the "out of the box" churches that are popping up and cool places. our church meets in the lincoln theater in downtown raleigh. i get some crazy looks when i tell people this. they are all like "but they sell alcohol there and play crazy hard rock music" but we have plenty of people that come simply because its different. every sunday morning we set up our church and invite God into that building and lives are being changed.



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