Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blogging vs. Life

Whenever I think I have time to blog, I remind myself that there's something else I could/should be doing. 

Such as:

  • Unpacking our stuff that is still not completely unpacked
  • Organizing said stuff
  • Cleaning
  • Planning/preparing meals
  • Scentsy related tasks
  • Bible reading (I'm behind on my two year plan. Should have been a year plan.)
  • Working out
  • Sleeping
But most of the time, this is what happens. 

I think to myself, "Kyle, you have 25 minutes before you should go to bed. You can blog!"

(I applaud you if you got the Boy Meets World reference there.)

And then my sweet, handsome husband whom I haven't been with all day wants to hang out with me - watch a show on Netflix, play a game, make cookies, etc. And I, of course, want to hang out with him. 

Jordan wins over blogging every time hands down. 

Sorry blog world. :(

I'm really REALLY trying to figure out how to balance all of these things. And to add in blogging. I thought about having a certain time each week to try to blog and to schedule the posts pretty early.

I actually have around 7 drafts right now that are close to being ready - the tricky part is adding pics. That part always gets me. Ugh. And I don't even have a nice camera or take a lot of pictures.

And I KNOW what Jon Acuff would tell me. He would tell me to use the part of my day when Jordan won't miss me - when he's sleeping. 5 a.m. 

But I NEED at least 6 hours. That's really not enough for me but it's been the norm lately. If I do get up early it's to work out.

Bloggers: Tips? Advice? How do you blog regularly and have normal day jobs and nightly activities and weekend plans? Thanks in advance. :)

For now, here is a picture of something that makes me very happy.

Merry Christmas, y'all! It's getting SO CLOSE!


  1. i agree with you! blogging time is fun but shouldn't come before the husband! now chores? yes. blogging can definitely come before chores, haha. except today i actually managed to get both in. love it when that happens!

  2. Haha Ilove Jon Acuff!

    Agreed, there's got to be a balance. My husband works Saturdays so that's usually when I do my blogging. But I'd choose husband over blogging any day too!

    Sweet stockings!

  3. I am right in that limbo of trying to figure out how to balance. I'm failing. Miserably. I stopped blogging and deleted my whole blog. Rash decision? Maybe. But goodness it felt good to not be burdened by it. I'm going to start again in the new year, but I will NOT let the overwhelming-ness happen.

    I think it's all about blogging for the love of it. You blog for YOU. To spread your message, your story. Don't worry about what all of us are thinking...we love reading your posts, so we'll be here waiting :) haha

    I hope you find the balance you're looking for!!

  4. Girl, I think we are all like this! Especially myself. It's so hard finding the time, for sure. Hope y'all had a nice Christmas! xo



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