Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm obsessed with Podcasts.

Something I've been trying to focus on lately is trying to fill my time with things that are profitable to me spiritually during times that I normally don't.

I don't know if that made sense. Times such as getting ready in the morning or cleaning...but mostly when I'm in the car. I don't have a really long commute, but it is 25 minutes each way which adds up. 

I've never enjoyed listening to anyone talk until I started having a daily commute. So then I started listening to the radio....and most of it is trash. If not trash, then just meaningless chatter. And I don't want to listen to depressing news or political banter.

I started listening to my Bible reading in the morning since I had some catching up to do, but that just wasn't working. I like to actually READ the Bible - reread verses, make highlights, mull over it, etc.

So I then turned to Podcasts. So far it's been all David Platt for me. And it's been OH SO GOOD. I'm borderline obsessed.

If I'm even in the car for 5 minutes I'll turn one on. And then I don't want to stop. It's like I've all the sudden become some sermon junkie. But it seriously helps my mind and heart so much! I find myself thinking about it all throughout the day.

Being a Christ follower is such a daily commitment. If I go a few days without reading His Word or talking to Him, it makes SUCH a negative difference in me. 

Kinda sounds like marriage, huh? But I'll save that for another day... :)



  1. Hey! Me too! And I've been listening David Platt too!

  2. whoops. I've been listening TO David Platt too!

  3. I should try this! It sounds way more motivational and uplifting! :)


  4. i do this too!! i have a 30 min commute, so that adds up! i've realized that the radio sucks, and most days i just sit in silence. i haven't listened to one in a while, but you just inspired me for today :)

  5. I've recently started listening to David Platt also, and I'm going to borrow hie book Radical from my friend!

  6. I absolutely love David Platt's podcasts! Such a great thing to listen to especially while multitasking!!

  7. I am a sermond junkie too. ;) My favorite is William Macdonald. If you want to try out someone different, I highly recommend him! You might want to start out with these "True Discipleship" broadcasts: http://www.voicesforchrist.org/welcome/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=william+macdonald+true+discipleship

    Excellent stuff!!!

  8. Oops, that should say "sermon". :)

  9. I have been listening to a ton a David Platt lately as well!!



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