Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Last 2 Days for Scentsy Season!

Today and tomorrow are the last days you can order from the Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog! And almost everything is 10% off!
Like this little guy, Whoot!

And Solid Perfume is buy one get one FREE!
(Luna is the BEST in my opinion. And Jordan's opinion too.)
You can order directly from My Scentsy Website - let me know if you have any questions!

And don't forget about the scents that are being discontinued after this month:
I have to stock up on one of my absolute favorites - Honey Pear Cider. That scent is SOO GOOD. 
For you people in my area - I'm having a Scentsy Spring Open House in March. More info on that soon. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hopefully the Last Snow of the Year.

Last weekend we had a beautiful snow day.

The kind that I like - a little sticks to the ground and NOT the roads.

And since it was during the weekend, the schools and businesses didn't all freak out and close.

NC is not equipped for icy/snowy roads. Everything shuts down and plans are put on hold. So I'll take the beauty of it without all the closings!

I loved spending time relaxing and studying James with a white view. Something about seeing everything covered in white makes me think of a clean slate. Reminds me of how God's mercies are new every morning.

I still can't believe this blessing of a home is ours. 

I was actually pretty sick with a sinus infection, but we did stay outside long enough for a picture of course.

One of Jordan's best friends came to stay with us from Greensboro that day, and they had an intense game of mini ping pong in the kitchen. 

I'll be just fine if that's the last we see of snow this year! 

It was fun, but I'm looking forward to consistently warm temps. :)

And yes, I know I'm a cold weather wimp. But I'm Southern - I was born that way!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Fresh Start.

Thanks for your words of encouragement on my last post about being in a rut.

I'm always going to have my ups and downs in my walk with the Lord and other areas of life as well. (Otherwise it wouldn't be life on earth, right?) It's an excellent reminder that I can't do it on my own strength - I need HIS power. Including how He works through people like my husband, family, friends, and people like YOU. :)

I started the James Bible study by Beth Moore a few weeks ago, but I'm just now really getting into it. It's been a huge help to me to dive deep into a specific study in addition to my daily Bible reading. Not that reading the Bible isn't enough - it definitely is - but this kinda gives me the kick that I need.

Jordan and I also joined a new gym! Since we moved, my membership at Planet Fitness has NOT been convenient. The closest one was 17 minutes away. Not a good motivator to go. 

Jordan has been working out at a boxing gym for a year, but since his year is over we decided to join the same gym near our house together. 

And let me just tell you that I am SORE from working out three days in a row. I know that's not a lot but I had only been doing one or two times a week which wasn't cutting it for me. Yeah, I have a job that keeps me on my feet and up and about all day, but I need to SWEAT at least 4 or 5 times a week. I really want to work out 6 times a week like I used to, so that's the goal. 

Whether it's a Zumba class or elliptical and weight training at the gym, or a "Rockin' Body" video by Shaun T here at my house, I want it to kick my butt into shape.

So those are a couple of boosts for me to get out of my rut. So far, so good. But ask me again tomorrow when I'm dying from doing "Booty Time" tonight....(that's a Shaun T video, I'm not giving you TMI don't worry.)

Hope everyone else is having a good week so far!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In a rut.

I'm currently in a rut.




In a rut.

I haven't been in the Word like I should. In prayer like I should. Working out like I should. Cooking like I should. Blogging/spending time on uplifting hobbies like I should.

I've been trying to figure out why, but I'm not sure. It's like the holidays were SO crazy that afterward I just crashed and haven't gotten up. 

I know that the most important...actually wait, ONLY important part of this equation is my relationship with God. Which then affects all other areas of my life. Lately I've been just fitting it in. Reading God's Word and praying when I have time. Which is ridiculous.

I can't just give God snippets of my day. He is the holy God of the universe who gave me life and gave me salvation. I live to bring Him glory. 

I want to love Him more than anything. Love Him more than I love my sweet husband. 
Which honestly, I don't know if I can claim right now.

So I just want to take this moment to confess my lack of faith and commitment. 

And to praise the Lord for saving a wretch like me. His mercies are new EVERY morning, and tomorrow is a new day.



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