Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogs You Probably Aren't Reading, But Should!

I've realized that I follow way too many blogs. They're hard to keep up with. I'll pop over to one that I haven't checked in on in a while and notice that I've missed some crazy life circumstance that happened to the blogger. Like if someone switched their blog address, or got a new job, or brought a human being into the world. You know. Little things like that.

But guess what? That's not changing any time soon! I love reading blogs WAY too much to cut back. Usually I read them on my phone using Bloglovin' (the app is so great!) whenever I have a few minutes to spare. I try to "like" them and then go back and comment later when I'm on the computer, but I frequently forget to unfortunately.

The BEST blogs are the ones that I can relate to, that are authentic, that uplift me spiritually, that are encouraging, that share both good and bad, that point me to Jesus, that remind me of what truly matters. And I like ones that make me laugh, too. :)

With that being said, there are some blogs that I love that are not well known yet, but should be. They're mainly my friends whom I know and love in real life, and who are FAR better writers than I'll ever be! So here ya go.

1. Renee at Life More Abundant - I've been friends with Renee since 2nd grade and she's ALWAYS had a way with words. She loves the Lord, loves marriage, and is a huge inspiration to me. Right now she's talking about a spicy topic - sex! (Which I may or may not have had a part in helping her write...but you'll never know...) She also took our 2 year anniversary pictures!

2. Whitney at Whitney Writes - Whitney and Aaron are one of my favorite couples EVER. Their love for the Lord and each other is awesome. He's a children's minister and a hilariously animated person, and Whitney is one of the wittiest people I've ever met. Love following their adventures.

3. Lauren at The Merry Mrs. Mobley - Lauren has ministered to me SO much through her blogging in the past year. She been through some extremely difficult times and has continue to praise and trust the Lord through it all. God is truly using her for His glory.

4. Amanda at The Brandon and Amanda Story - Amanda is one of the cutest pregnant women in the world! I'm so excited for her and this new stage of life. She also loves to stay healthy and fit and definitely inspires me to want to do the same. 

5. Kellie at Just Me - Kellie (that sounds weird to me...she was my teacher) has been impacting my life since 2nd grade, because she taught me 2nd grade! She's one of those amazing teachers who stay in touch with their students and continue to reach out to them 17 years later. :) Her heart for the Lord and joy are contagious. 

6. Bethany at According to His Purpose - This lovely girl shines for the Lord in spite of her recent cancer diagnosis. Along with taking a look at her blog, please take a moment to pray for her and her husband as they are going through this trying time. She's been another one of those ladies who's touched my heart since elementary school. :)

7. Megan at Coffee and Turquoise - This is another girl I grew up with and is absolutely beautiful inside and out. Her blog is about "all things natural and organic". She discusses recipes and making the right food choices - on a budget! 

I could go on, and probably will another time, but I'll stop at seven. I'm thinking about doing posts every once in a while that highlight some of my favorite recent reads. We'll see. Hope y'all had a great Monday! Go check those blogs out! 



  1. Oh how I love this. I too have a problem with feeling like I need to keep up with everyone, but I don't hate the feeling. All the ladies I follow, I do so for a reason. They lift me up in times of doubt and provide friendship during struggles, as well as rejoice with me during some of the best times of my life. Thank you for the suggestions. I am going to check out each and every one of these ladies!

  2. I went to college with Lauren. I love her so much! Everything she has been through this year inspires me that I can do all things in life if I just relax and lean on his grace and glory :)

  3. You are SO SWEET!! I am honored to have made it to the list of these seven. :) I can say I read most of the blogs that you have on here. haha! I just need to be better about reading them OFTEN!!!

  4. Thanks, Ashley! Love you and your wonderful, entertaining blog! :)

  5. You are so sweet! Didn't know you mentioned me in your blog until tonight. Thank you! :)



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