Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Family Trip to Topsail Beach!

We had a blast at the beach last week with Jordan's side of the family!

We went to Topsail Beach in NC. Only three days of sun out of seven, but when we weren't outside we were inside playing games and being entertained by my two year old nephew Harvey. :)

Here are all of the kids in our family except one - Jordan's younger brother Joseph. He's in Missouri working at Kids Across America this summer. We definitely missed him and his constant singing!

Me, Jordan, Josh, Danielle, and Harvey, and Anna.

Harvey is at such a fun age. He is talking now and running all over the place! He loves the ocean and jumping over the waves with Papa and Uncle Jordan.

Uncle Jordan worked with Harvey on his construction and engineering skills.

They also chilled together in their beach chairs. 

Jordan got a little crispy, so we welcomed the cloudy days. Could've done without the stormy ones, but oh well.

Beautiful mama with her boy!

Harvey loved building stomping on sandcastles with Uncle Jordan, too.

Love these guys!

Harvey wanted to throw with my precious glove. 

We stayed at the house the entire 7 days with the exception of one night - we went out to a pizza place. This was the night I actually dried my hair and put on makeup. Jordan and I color coordinated by accident. He walked in and said, "Do you want me to change??" and I was like "Nooo, I love it!"

Two batches of homemade ice cream were made and we devoured it. Harvey had a handy dandy holder to catch the drips. He would still say "uh-oh" when it dripped down, though. 

It's amazing how well he can use an iPad/iPhone. He presses the home button, slides to unlock it, swipes back and forth between screens, and scrolls through pictures. He taught himself how to take a selfie which produced no less than 47 pictures of this sweet face on my phone.

Harvey calls Anna, "Annie Ayi". Ayi is the Chinese word for Aunt, and Harvey was born in China. He's gotta remember his roots!

One of the sweetest, most godly couples you will ever meet - my in-laws! So thankful for them!

One of Jordan's bathing suits allows him to be spotted from miles away. 

Clearly our trip revolved around that little 2 year old bundle of energy. But when he lives a 13 hour drive away, we have to soak up every second we can! (Memphis is MUCH closer than China, though.)

I wish we could've stayed longer, but that was my longest vacation since our honeymoon so I was VERY thankful!


  1. I love your swimsuits (especially the navy one)! Where did you get them???

  2. Loved being together! Love this post and love you!!!

  3. You are SO tan! Jealous! haha Looks like y'all had a nice time with family!

  4. You find thee cutest bathing suits!! I remember asking you about one of your bathing suits on another family trip you went on...Where did you get your navy blue swimsuit!? I love it, especially the skirt bottom!!



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