Friday, July 5, 2013

This Week.

This week has been quite busy and I had totally forgotten that the 4th was yesterday, hence no video yet! Be looking for that on Monday. :)

I've gotten a lot of great questions from my Q&A post in the comments, on Facebook, and through email so thank you for those! Some are funny and some are loaded. So it might take me a little while to actually get through them all - bear with me! It's always open for you to ask questions but if you want to for the follow-up Q&A posts there's still time, so ask away!

This week:
  • I've constantly been running errands and preparing for a baby shower for one of my best friends tomorrow! I'm hosting it but it's at our church, not at my house. 
  • I've actually been crafting a lot for the shower surprisingly. Can't wait to show you pictures! But of course the one week I REALLY need coupons for Michael's they don't even have a 40% off one! Absurd. I've never even known them to not have one in their weekly ad. Joann's didn't either. AC Moore did though, and I know I probably could have used that at Michael's but I was just mad at them so I went to AC Moore. Take that, Mike.
  • I had an awesome Scentsy party on Tuesday. The hostess had already qualified for a party before the party even happened. AND my best friend since 6th grade was there with her mom. Win, win, win. (Props if you know what that's from.)
  • For the 4th I went to the pool with some of my favorite ladies and Jordan went golfing with their husbands. We went early so no one else was at the pool for the first couple hours - so nice!
  • I cracked myself up because when we both got home from our activities, we sat down and Jordan said, "What do you wanna do now?" and I meant to respond, "Let's get ready so we can go get food," but what really came out of my subconscious was, "Let's get ready so we can go get Moe's." I seriously did not mean to say it and we hadn't even talked about Moe's. It was probably just the Holy Spirit. You know how He works, deciding dinner choices and all.
  • We then went to Moe's.
  • And then watched more of season four of Prison Break. That show. I love it but it makes me so MAD. Every time something good happens it gets messed up. EVERY TIME. What I love about it is how they develop the characters - each one is so complicated. So even the "bad" ones become likable. Characters you hate in the beginning become dear to your heart in later seasons (or maybe that's just me). It's just kinda like real life - everyone is a sinner, has a past, has made bad choices, and can change. Didn't mean to get all philosophical about this show but anyway.
  • Today I'm doing last minute shower preparations and going to the chapel to start decorating. Yay!
  • I'm also going to visit my previously mentioned BFF and am so so pumped about it.
  • Tomorrow is my beautiful mother's birthday so we'll be celebrating that! 
Have an awesome start to your weekend!

Please do ask more questions if you have them. :)


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