Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ode to Our Apartment.

This was written about a year ago when we were moving into our house. I found it sitting in my drafts, so it's about time it was posted. It definitely got the tears flowing. 

Ode to Our Apartment

O, Apartment, how I have loved thee.

You were our first place. Our first home.

Where I cooked for Jordan for the first time.

Where I spent my first year and a half of learning how to be a wife.

Having people over. Christmas party. Movie nights. Bible study. Game nights. Super Bowl. Birthdays.

Your cabinets housed my first pots, pans, and dishes. The nice salad spinner that I have yet to use.

Your one bedroom had one window that looked out onto our screened in porch surrounded by trees and let in no light at all. It was excellent for sleeping. Not for waking up. I don’t know how we’ll get used to having any sort of light in our bedroom but we’ll try. There is no strength of black-out curtains that could match your darkness.

That bedroom also welcomed our furniture that has been passed down four generations. I bet my great-grandparents never knew how useful and special those pieces would become.

Your living room was home to the couch and chairs that belonged to Jordan’s Grandpa Bill. Another person that you were privileged to have a part of in your living space.

Your bathroom was where we spent many mornings getting ready and evenings ending the day – sharing the sink, writing messages on the mirror, and taking up all of the counter space (with MY stuff).

Your laundry room and thin floors caused the lady below us to hate us. I hope your next inhabitants will have better neighbor relations.

Your empty space above us was a lovely home for a few squirrels for a while. Now they can have a party and no one will hear them or care. (Until someone else moves in.)

It was with you that we played "Body, Body" with for the first time. (A game that is often called "Murder" by others.) With at least 15 people in your cramped space, it was almost impossible to guess who the murderer was. I'm sorry that the lady below put an end to that game rather quickly and we had to play elsewhere.

It was with you that Jordan had the idea to have a "sleepover" in the living room. We moved our mattress to your living room floor, ate snacks, watched a movie, stayed up late and laughed. Only to be woken up early by blinding light coming through your windows that we were not used to.

Your kitchen was where I made my favorite dish of cajun chicken pasta for the first time. It had neither enough cajun nor chicken, but Jordan thought it was delicious.

It was with you that I experienced my first (and likely my last) earthquake. The pictures almost fell off the walls.

Your wall hosted our Jesse Tree for the first time, and my small amount of Christmas decorations took up plenty of room in your tiny space. I thought it was beautiful. It was.

It was with you that we both had to take care of each other in sickness for the first time. Where we fought for the first time. Where we jumped up and down hugging each other when Austin Rivers made that famous last second shot. Where Jordan set up the card table on my birthday for us to play Monopoly Deal. Where we drank Cookout milkshakes. Where we started at Season One of The Office just so we could watch them all together in order. Where we prayed together, cried out to the Lord together in difficult times, and praised Him every day.

I'm sorry to say that with you I often had a case of the somedays.

But it's funny. Now I look back on you fondly, sad to leave you behind. Fearful to move on from your comfort and familiarity. I know we will miss you, dear Apartment. You have served us well. We are thankful for the Lord providing you just for us.

And we will never forget our very first place.

These pictures are from when we were moving - so that's why there's stuff everywhere!



  1. Loved this first place for you two! I miss those cozy rooms. Yes, it will always hold a special place in your heart. Thanks for the sweet memories you shared with a twist of humor...definitely one of your gifts dear daughter.

  2. As much as I loathed our single-wide while we were living in it, I definitely cried the night we packed up the last of our stuff to move to our new house. There are so many good memories in your first home, it's the place you come home from your honeymoon to, where you get used to living with each other, all of the fun and new stuff you get to experience as a newlywed. I can't imagine moving out of the house we bring our kids home to in the future!

  3. I really liked this post. I've been married for four months now and we are experiencing our first apartment. Reading your blog reminded me to enjoy all the little things about this place we call home. And actually, it seems a lot like yours! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. I love this! We just moved out of our first apartment, so this brought on the tears for me, too. So sweet. xo



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