Monday, October 28, 2013

Grace and a Huge Sale!

Okay, so obviously I haven't written 31 consecutive days, haha. But I promise the 31 days will be completed. I just had to take the pressure off myself to catch up quickly. We've been extremely busy and out of town every weekend. Not only that but I feel like I've been getting attacked lately...I know that sounds audacious to say, but it's true. The exact things I've been writing about have been overwhelming me recently, making me feel like I'm not a good wife. Just going through some spiritual and mental battles, trying to do it all, and have gotten sick on top of all that. But like I've said - it's all about grace! Grace through our Lord Jesus Christ. His strength is made perfect in weakness. So thankful for that. And thankful for the encouragement of my husband, parents, in-laws, older sister-in-law (who I got to see last week!), church, and sweet friends. God is good, all the time.

In other news, there is a crazy ridiculous sale going on today that I couldn't NOT tell you about. Seriously, the prices are insane. I can't believe Scentsy is offering this stuff for this low! 

Visit my Scentsy website for the Monster Monday sale - up to 75% off!

This Silhouette Glowing Core warmer is usually $30.00 and is only $7.50. It's beautiful, and you can put different "wraps" around it as shown in the next picture.

This is an example of the core with the Linden wrap around it - this wrap is normally $12 and is only $3.00 today. Wow. So you can get core + wrap for only $10.50! That is crazy. Jump on that. Later you can get Christmas or other holiday wraps to go around it. It's my favorite warmer. :)

This plug-in is normally $20, but is $5.00 today!

This is Tom the Turkey. He is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving decor. (He is the only member of MY Thanksgiving decor, haha.) Normally $35, today he is $8.75!!!

There are other warmers, Scentsy buddies, and body products for sale on the site as well. But it's today only, so don't miss out! 

As for Grace Adele (Scentsy's bag and accessory line), there are some amazing Monster Monday sales on that website today as well.

I love their bags. Cute, great quality, plenty of pockets. Would make excellent Christmas gifts!

I'm getting one of those fabulous leather bags for Christmas. $120 off? Craziness. Love it. 

You can order under "October Online Orders" for Grace Adele. The quality is outstanding!

Happy shopping, and thank you for bearing with me on this little blog! Much love to y'all on this beautiful Monday. :)


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