Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Respecting my Husband: His Hobbies

I'm doing a 31 day series about Respecting my Husband! To read about why I should respect him and go to a list of all 31 days, please visit my 31 Days of Respecting my Husband post.

Day 13: His Hobbies

This is another difficult one for me to write about, because it comes easy to me. Jordan and I share many hobbies - the biggest one being sports. (see post about girls who love sports here)

My husband is a BALLER. He is extremely athletic and I don't think I've seen him play a sport that he's bad at. And that's not just me being biased, I'm sure his friends would agree. I know many strangers agree, because when I watch him play basketball and make it obvious that he's the one I'm cheering for, random people come up to me to tell me how good he is. Okay sorry I'll stop gushing.

I worked for an NHL team, the Carolina Hurricanes, for 3 years. I played basketball, volleyball, and softball in high school and loved it. I then coached basketball for 6 years at that same high school. Jordan ended up coaching there for a year as well. :) It was a dream come true. So obviously we share a love of sports, especially basketball. We pull for the same college teams which is a blast. 

Jordan plays in a very competitive basketball league in the spring and fall and I looove going every week. I probably get a little too intense. But it is so fun to cheer him on and then analyze the game with him afterward. One time I complimented how great and well-placed his screens were and he responded with something to the effect of, "You are the only girl I could have married who would appreciate that." We just GET each other when it comes to sports. And even though he doesn't love baseball like I do, he doesn't think I'm TOO crazy when I get extremely emotionally involved in the Red Sox games.

With all that being said, what if I hated sports? Firstly, I don't know if we would have ended up together if that was the case, but what if we did? If there's one sport I don't really like it's soccer, so I'll imagine that Jordan plays soccer. It definitely wouldn't be as fun for me to go cheer him on. I would probably be tempted to skip games. But he's my husband and I want to support him, so I would go. I would go and I would pay attention and I would tell him that he did a good job running back and forth. (Sorry, I don't know anything about soccer really.)

No matter what he loves or enjoys doing - sports, music, painting, crossword puzzles, hunting, classic cars, history, video games, running, etc. - I need to support him and respect those hobbies. That means asking him about them, listening to him talk about them, watching him, trying to participate when possible, and always giving him encouragement to do what he loves to the glory of God.

PS - Here are some of Jordan's other hobbies so you don't think he loves sports and only sports - woodworking, music (we'll talk about that later), video games, movies, board games. :)

Us at an NC State football game

We had a sports themed cocktail hour at our wedding - with food like popcorn, barbecue chicken skewers, mini sliders, and root beer floats. We had my basketball team's state championship trophy there and balls for guests to sign autographs. :)

Jordan and I coaching back in 2011.

We had a Mario Kart themed engagement party complete with a Mario and Peach cake, haha.

Jordan after his basketball game with his biggest fans - his parents and me!



  1. Aw love the last picture! So sweet!

  2. Love this! I think it is great you share a love for sports. The Mario themed engagement party is so creative!



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