Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Respecting my Husband: Our Time Together

I'm doing a 31 day series about Respecting my Husband! To read about why I should respect him and go to a list of all 31 days, please visit my 31 Days of Respecting my Husband post.

Day 9: Respecting Our Time Together

The time I get to spend with my husband is precious. It is something I need to cherish. This can be a struggle in the world we live in today - there are so many distractions!

Just to name a few possible distractions wives may face: to-do lists, chores, work responsibilities, people calling/texting/emailing, kids, food planning, books, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blog reading, YouTube, and on and on and on. 

I know that for me, my phone can be a major distraction when I'm spending time with my husband. His can be as well, but it's usually work related and not as frequent. Since I'm a lot more active on social media than my husband, that grabs my attention more than his. One thing that helps is to turn off notifications from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I don't even have notifications for email. That way if I hear it buzz or see something pop up on the screen, I know it's someone trying to reach me by text or calling me. I can check all the other stuff when I get the time. 

I try to think about when my parents first got married. First of all WHAT DID THEY DO. Jordan and I have had an ongoing text conversation since day one of us hanging out. Seriously. I can't imagine not being able to contact him except through land line phones. Props to all you couples who had to do that. Secondly, I know that they were probably distracted in different ways, but minus the whole cell phone/internet/smart phone factor I bet they were a lot better at staying focused

Even if Jordan and I are just sitting together watching Netflix, we're still spending quality time together. Respecting our time together isn't limited to dinner dates. One thing I've been trying to do lately is keep my phone out of reach - so I can still hear it if someone's trying to contact me, but I can't just pick it up to check Instagram. 

I definitely need to work on this in ALL areas of my life, but especially in my time spent with Jordan. I want him to know that he matters the most to me, that I value his time. I really want to take advantage of this time together when we don't have kids in the mix yet and respect the fact that he wants to hang out with me. :)

PS - Shout out to that stud of mine who reads these posts every day and refrains from commenting on them to say, "AMEN, you need to work on that, wifey! Get to it!" He would never do that, but I'm sure it's popped into his head, because it's true. 

Jordan and I spending some quality time playing Mario Kart at my parents' house.

See you tomorrow for Day 10 - Respecting my Husband: His Spiritual Leadership.



  1. Mario Kart is always a good time, always!

  2. So true! My husband & I haven't been able to spend much time together lately because of work. It's hard!!

  3. I love this. I make a huge effort not to look at my phone very often even just when we're home together - because I know that I appreciate when my husband isn't on his!
    This is a great reminder - thank you!
    I have been married for nearly 3 months, and am LOVING this series - thank you for sharing!

  4. Great job on these posts, my dear Ashley! Reading your words can actually make a wife who has been married for 35 years go girl! Love you....."Aunt"Martha

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