Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baby Shelley: 30-31 Weeks

30-31 Weeks

Weight gain: 15 lbs. (This is a misleading number, because in the beginning I lost weight. This number is how much I'm up from my pre-pregnancy weight!)

Maternity clothes: Things are starting to get tight. I hit up a certain underclothing store's semi-annual sale if ya know what I mean.

Sleep: Random insomnia, heart burn, and aching back and ribs contribute to weird sleep. But I can't complain. I just hate that I wake Jordan up with my tossing and turning. :(

Medication: Still on one Zofran a day. Zantac for heartburn as needed (almost daily). Supplementing my prenatal vitamin with a magnesium pill daily now.

Gender: BOY!

Food cravings: Pizza, specifically Little Caesar's deep dish. Milk and cookies. Frostys. McDonald's sweet tea. You know, lots of healthy stuff. :)

Food aversions: Totally depends on the day. But it seems like I just don't want food in general like I used to. And it definitely doesn't fit in my stomach like it used to! I get full so easily and quickly. So basically my appetite in general is just weird.

Mood: Well, people keep asking me if I'm nervous or excited and honestly most of the time I'm kinda...nothing. Because it's just extremely surreal. For instance: I had my first baby shower (which was awesome) and while I was sitting there with my friends eating delicious snacks and talking/laughing like normal, my mom came over to take my plate & situate me where I needed to be to open gifts. I had this weird moment of surprise and felt startled because I had legitimately forgotten that this event was for me & MY baby. A baby that will be born to me. And my husband. A boy. Who currently resides in my tummy. But will somehow exit and (Lord willing) exist in my life. These amazing people were there to give us gifts. Because this baby will live with me & I will take care of it. WHAT. It seemed so, so crazy. I am so inadequate and feel not cut out for this at all, but at the same time I'm not normally dwelling on that or nervous about it. It's a mixture of having the Lord's peace that passes understanding & me being naive and not knowing what to expect. It's hard to put into words, obviously, because I know I'm doing a poor job of it. And it's not that I don't have feelings toward my baby, it's just all very strange. Separate post to come on this weirdness.

Movement: The movements keep getting bigger and bigger. My midwife was laughing at how much he was moving around when we were listening to the heartbeat. It makes me wonder if he's playing, if he's uncomfortable, if he's trying to escape, if he's going to be crazy active once he gets out, etc.

Milestones: PASSED my 3 hour glucose test after I failed the first screening. So that was a relief & answer to prayer. Especially because I'm a horribly queasy person prone to fainting and was dreading having my blood drawn 4 times in a few hours without having eaten anything. But I made it through! Had my first baby shower which was such a joy. Our family and friends are the best.

Best moments of the week: Definitely the baby shower with some of my best friends and their moms. It was so fun and we got some amazing stuff! We've also been spending lots of time with friends -- having them over, playing games, going out to eat. Really trying to soak up the fun and fancy free time we have before the baby comes. Not that we won't still do that stuff, it'll just be different. :) My brother stayed with me while Jordan was out of town and I loved getting to spend time with him, especially because he moved to Charlotte this past weekend! Love that kid. We ate ice cream and played video games like the good ol' days.

Quotes: One of my best friends Britney had her second baby boy recently. (Woooooo!) My mom and her mom are very close so my mom was getting text updates about the whole process. I wasn't there, but my mom and brother were sitting in my parents' living room when my mom looked at her phone and excitedly exclaimed, "The baby is coming!" referring to Britney. She scared the mess out of my brother and he was like "WHATTTTT!!!" thinking she was talking about me. I so wish I could've witnessed this scene.

Jordan quotes: We've been trying out names and I think we have it narrowed down but aren't going to officially commit until the birth. So Jordan has been practicing. We'll be riding in the car and he'll randomly act like he's talking to our son who's in an imaginary car seat in the back. Or we'll be sitting on the couch and he'll start rocking a make believe rock-n-play telling him to "shhhh". 

Verses I've been dwelling on: 1 Peter. Because that's the book I'm memorizing this year. So packed full of truth and conviction and goodness that it just NEEDS to be in my head. Read it!




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