Thursday, February 5, 2015

Baby Shelley: 32-33 Weeks

32-33 Weeks

Weight gain: 19 lbs. -- Although I think this is great considering how sick I've been and how far I've come with eating food, my midwives are a little concerned about my "poor weight gain" and have referred me for an ultrasound to check on the baby's growth. 

Maternity clothes: I'm wearing the same comfy outfits over and over these days, and I'm sure that will only increase! So far I've been really pleased with all the maternity clothes I've gotten and how much I've worn them, so I hope to do a post on that.

Sleep: Has been better the past couple weeks. I've had a couples days when I wake up ridiculously early and can't go back to sleep, but I'd much rather do that than not be able to initially get to sleep.

Medication: Still on one Zofran a day. I went a day without it and felt alright, but then the next day I did NOT feel well at all. So still daily. Zantac for heartburn as needed (almost daily).

Gender: BOY!

Food cravings: STEAK still, which was wonderfully fulfilled at the Angus Barn on Monday night. It was glorious.

Food aversions: Still depends on the day and moment, but I still don't have much of an appetite most of the time so I have to force myself to eat what the midwife has told me to eat. (Lots of protein! I feel like a body builder trying to make gains at this point.)

Mood: I've been more emotional the past couple weeks for sure.

Movement: Lots of stretching and lopsidedness that makes me jump sometimes! 

Milestones: Had another amazing baby shower and received our travel system stroller and carseat! 

Best moments of the week: Jordan led the worship music for a marriage retreat in Myrtle Beach which was really fun. Everyone was so kind to us and we learned a lot. We also stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool and I LOVED floating in the water. :) My second baby shower was at my parents' best friends the Browns' house. Ladies from my chapel growing up who kept me in the nursery came which was so sweet and special. There were also family members and friends who we've known forever. So basically this was the everyone-who-knew-me-as-a-baby shower, haha. They even gave me my favorite baby toy from back in the day that's not made anymore! (A Tupperware blue and red shapes ball) We went out to eat with Jordan's parents to celebrate him passing his PE exam and that was wonderful. Jordan and I had a great date night at Dave & Buster's. We really are having some FUN times right now.

Quotes: This one is actually from myself. Upon receiving the travel system at my shower, I tried to explain to everyone that it wasn't just the stroller, it's also the car seat. But I couldn't think of the word car seat, so I called it a "baby carrying case". They all picked on me the rest of the time about that. 

At the marriage retreat they had a program booklet to follow along with and take notes. In the front they welcomed us as their guests and had an adorable and funny poem written about us. What made it even funnier was that at the beginning it called us Ashley and Jordan, but when it started talking about us having a baby, it said "Josh the father". Josh is Jordan's older brother. So I had multiple people asking me about how Jordan is my husband but apparently Josh is the father. Yeah. Haha. Jordan has been accidentally called Josh his whole life, though, so he wasn't surprised. :)

Jordan quotes: No specific quotes are coming to my mind, but he's been so funny to me when we get baby stuff. After each shower I've had, as soon as I come home he wants to go through everything, organize it, decide if anything needs to be taken back, and then assemble whatever needs to be put together. Right away. As I'm sitting on the floor slowly looking through the cards people gave us like three times. Haha. He is SO efficient and makes me make decisions which is one of the many reasons he is so well suited for me. :) Even when he got home late the other night after Bible study and was tired, he wanted to immediately take out the travel system and put it together when I thought he'd just want to go to bed. 

Verses I've been dwelling on: Psalm 139, the passage that I referred to in my last post, has been a sweet comfort to us lately. Jordan read it to me again last night and it just filled me with peace. 

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