Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Baby Shelley: 34-35 Weeks

34-35 Weeks

Weight gain: 22 lbs.! Yay! I'm sad that my midwife appointment had to be rescheduled due to snow because I'm excited to show her my weight gain and food log. I've been eating SO much meat and eggs, y'all.

Maternity clothes: I've worn the black pants pictured above almost every day for a week and a half. They're just SO comfy and I can make them looks somewhat dressy when necessary. They are Jessica Simpson from Destination Maternity.

Sleep: It's sadly come to the point where Jordan and I have to sleep separately often. With the herniated discs in his back, he already doesn't sleep well. Then there's me taking three bathroom trips a night and flopping my belly over to get out of bed and using a giant pillow and it's just not a great combo. A king bed would definitely help with this situation, but oh well. This will be a short time in the grand scheme of things.

Medication: Same -- one Zofran a day, Zantac as needed.

Gender: BOY! Which was confirmed again at our ultrasound when I asked if he's still a boy. He is.

Food cravings: STEAK STEAK STEAK STEAK and ice cream

Food aversions: Still just don't have a great relationship with food in general. But I've been tracking my eating for the midwife and doing well, I think!

Mood: Let me just tell you about the crying I did during our little babymoon Valentine getaway. Firstly, I cried at Jordan's card he made for me because it had an adorable stick figure portrait of our soon to be family of three and it was just ridiculously sweet. He also wrote the verse, "Her children rise up and call her blessed" but replaced the word "children" with what we think will be our son's name and I just couldn't handle it. Then, while walking around downtown Wilmington I had to keep stopping and sitting for little breaks due to not being able to breathe like normal and that I'm beginning to waddle a bit and tire easily. If I started to feel badly I just sat down on the first bench or chair available outside. At one point I sat down in a chair for about 30 seconds and a guy came out of a store and asked if we were going to order something and said that I was sitting on his "patio" which was actually just a grouping of chairs on the regular sidewalk. I understand where he was coming from, but he wasn't the nicest about it and it made tears well up in my eyes immediately. I was trying not to cry because I knew I was being stupid and didn't want Jordan to see. We then kept walking a little bit and found a bench to sit down. A horse drawn carriage pulled up that was doing a tour and was changing out their passengers. I looked at the horse and he just looked SO sad that it made the tears start pouring down my face. Jordan then realized that I was upset and was very comforting while trying not to laugh although I was laughing too. Later that night, we were watching one of our favorite shows, Parks & Recreation. A recently married couple on the show spontaneously drove to the Grand Canyon and I started bawling because now we can't spontaneously drive to the Grand Canyon. Through tears and sobs I was saying, "And I know you've been to the Grand Canyon like three times but I've never seen it and now we can't drive there and everything is changing and nothing will be the same" and ohmyword WHO AM I. This was all in one day. Poor Jordan.

Movement: I definitely don't have to count kicks because he is still moving around tons, especially when I'm trying to go to sleep.

Milestones: Had two more incredible showers --  a little one with my high school friends and a big one in Jordan's hometown of Greensboro. Our ultrasound at 34 weeks went well and baby boy seems to be growing just fine in spite of their concerns about my weight gain. It was hard to tell what I was looking at, though, because he's so smushed in there! We started birthing classes which have been both helpful and slightly traumatizing.  

Best moments of the week: We had maternity pictures taken at our house and I can't wait to see all of them! Some of my friends from high school came over and threw me a little shower that was so special and fun. Then the next day we headed over to Greensboro for a shower at Jordan's Granma's house. SO many sweet ladies came and were overwhelmingly generous. You should see this kid's closet now. We had hilarious game nights with our friends the Ashleys and then the Fords. And like I mentioned, we had a WONDERFUL babymoon/anniversary/Valentine getaway to Wilmington. Delicious food, relaxing, putt putt, exploring downtown, watching basketball, shopping, just hanging out and sharing a comfy king sized bed. :) I am still in awe of how perfect for me Jordan is. NOT perfect (I mean we did have a little disagreement about how many pillows should be in our bed) but perfect for ME. Also since the baby has been acquiring some books at these showers, Jordan has started reading them to him every night which is equally cute and entertaining.

Quotes: Jordan's parents gave us a high chair (yay!) and wrote on the tag, "To our precious grandson and all his brothers and sisters". Haha! Love it!

This isn't a quote, just an observation. I'm big enough now that strangers do double takes at me and really just stare. Like sometimes uncomfortably stare. Which I'm sure I've done to a pregnant woman before but it's odd to be on the receiving end. I've noticed this the most at the gym. When I go to the gym (which should be more often) it's usually when older people are there and they LOVE to stare. And point, even. It's pretty funny. It probably has to do with the way I'm walking on the treadmill and how humorous I'm sure that looks.

Jordan quotes:

J: "What book should I read to him tonight?"
A: "How about The Very Hungry Caterpillar? It's a classic."
J: "Okay." Reads book. Gets to last page. Spoiler/entire book alert: caterpillar eats food and then becomes butterfly. Jordan turns page thinking there is more story. Realizes he is at end of story.
A: "It's a board book! Were you expecting a compelling plot twist??"

After the last shower, we took out all the clothes and realized that baby has a LOT of sports themed items. I mean a lot. For some reason people associate us with liking sports....why could that be?? (JOKE. We love sports.) Jordan proclaimed, "Well, we now have a new laundry category. We can sort clothes into darks, whites, and sports."

We were also going through his blankets when Jordan expressed confusion on what they actually were: "So these 'receiving blankets'...they can be burp cloths, right? I feel like we'll be burping him more than we'll be receiving him."

Before our little trip, Jordan sat me down and said, "I need to know you heard and understood me correctly when I said don't get me anything for Valentine's Day. Please tell me that you understand this." So I said okay I guess and asked about an anniversary gift. He said, "A baby. You will be getting me a baby and that is all."

Verses I've been dwelling on: "Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." -- 1 Peter 1:13

I can't remember if I've mentioned that 1 Peter is my book that I'm going to be studying and attempting to memorize this year, but it is. :) 



  1. So precious! You'll be on that emotional roller coaster for pretty much the rest of your life! :)
    Love that Jordan is reading to Baby ______ William!

  2. You will be giving me a baby and nothing else, ha, I love it!

  3. Parks and Recreation is such a great show! My fiance and I have been watching this newest season together. I just about bawled during the episode from last week, because I know there are only two episodes left...and I'm not even pregnant!
    I love reading all of your fun and exciting updates about your pregnancy.
    I cannot wait to see your precious baby boy in your arms. What a blessing!
    -Elisebeth (



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