Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Welcome, Judah William!

Judah William Shelley

March 15, 2015

5:07 am

6 lbs. 10 oz.

20.5 in. long

We are praising the Lord for the gift of our son!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Baby Shelley: 38 Weeks

38 Weeks

Weight gain: 26 lbs.

Maternity clothes: Today as an older woman stared at me at a gas station, I realized it was probably because the bottom part of my belly was hanging out of my 9th grade softball sweatpants + maternity shirt that no longer fits combo. In my defense, I just drove down the road there to get Gatorade for my sick husband....but still. It was a sight that did not need to be seen. I'm definitely past the point of maternity jeans, they are too tight since he's moved down some!

Sleep: Good once I actually get to sleep. There's just so much stuff running through my head and the kid likes to party late at night.

Medication: Same -- one Zofran a day, Zantac as needed, which isn't as much.

Gender: BOY!

Food cravings: Soda, Starburst jellybeans, cold treats like Icees, Frostys, and ice cream. Still breakfast food.

Food aversions: Nothing specifically, but I'll be eating something and will have been enjoying it but all the sudden I'm like, "I hate this food and don't want it at all," quite abruptly.

Mood: I've been consistently happy and much more myself the past week. :) Only one bout of tears which came because Jordan is sick and he looked so miserable and there wasn't much I could do. People who are due the same week as me have been having their babies which gives me a jittery, nervous feeling when I see that. It freaks me out honestly....because I'm going to have to actually do that too.

Movement: Not as strong because he can't move around much at this point, but still an active boy for sure. 

Milestones: Ordered our last supplies using the registry completion discount, learned a lot at breastfeeding class (yes, Jordan went and rocked it), had our last pre-baby planned game night at our house, finally hung some stuff on the nursery walls, washed all of baby's newborn and 0-3 month clothes along with his blankets, burp cloths, and such. Found out I don't have Strep B which is nice. The swelling definitely kicked in for reallll this week. It's funny because I have super narrow and flat feet with scrawny ankles, so now that my feet are swollen most of my shoes actually fit better. :) But I know I'm just stretching them out, haha.

Best moments of the week: My sister-in-law Anna stayed with us and we loved hanging out with her. Playing Hedbanz and Reverse Charades at game night was hilarious, hanging out and eating dinner with my parents multiple times, getting the nursery SO much more ready. Jordan spoke at church on Sunday and did an amazing job in my opinion -- all glory to God! Got to see two of my bestest friends for lunch this week -- one of them recently had her second little boy so she gave me LOTS of great advice. So thankful.

Quotes: People keep asking me if I'm ready or miserable and the answer to both of those is an easy "no". I don't think I'll ever actually be ready. It's all so surreal and hard to picture a little baby living with us. It's awesome but just WEIRD.

Jordan quotes: So as I've mentioned, I've been wearing Jordan's clothes a lot. We went to my parents' house for dinner Saturday night and I didn't bother to change into something that was less...manly. So Jordan took to calling me "Steve" for the night, while also referring to me as "buddy" or "man". 

Verses I've been dwelling on: "The Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed." -- Deut. 31:8


Friday, March 6, 2015

Home Maternity Photos by Sarah Seay Photography

We had some maternity pictures taken in our home by the AMAZING Sarah Seay Photography

If you live anywhere near the Raleigh, NC, area you MUST check her out. She is the perfect mix of laid back and professional. Sarah definitely knows her stuff and made us feel so comfortable. LOVE her and how the pictures turned out! We did a second round outside on a nice day so those will be coming soon too. :)

These were taken when I was 35 weeks pregnant. The maxi dress is from Pink Blush Maternity. The white maternity tank and black pants are from Destination Maternity, and the gray cardigan is from Loft. Our bedding is from Target

All photos by Sarah Seay Photography.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Baby Shelley: 36-37 weeks

36-37 Weeks

Weight gain: 26 lbs. -- They were very pleased at my last appointment. :)

Maternity clothes: I've been wearing Jordan's clothes a lot at home. I can tell my body temperature has gone up because I'm definitely not cold like I usually am! The go-to outfit these days consists of stretchy pants/leggings, a tank top, and a cardigan. 

Sleep: The heartburn is significantly better which makes for better sleep! This is supposedly because the baby is moving down, and I believe it because I definitely have increased pelvic pressure and the waddling has started. :) I've always been one to be able to wake up and go right back to sleep, but lately this is pretty much impossible. If I wake up, I'm up. 

Medication: Same -- one Zofran a day, Zantac as needed. The nausea has actually increased lately but it's under control with the medicine.

Gender: BOY!

Food cravings: McDonald's sweet tea, mac and cheese, breakfast food -- especially bacon.

Food aversions: Still just depends on the day and the moment. Usually if anything gets to me it's chicken, but I can kill some Zaxby's or ChickFilA so I don't know. It varies.

Mood: ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. I don't know what has happened in the past week or so, I guess the hormones are just at a max, but I have seriously been a MESS. I've been so goofy and hyper sometimes, but then the next day I'll cry three times for NO reason. We were on our way to our friends' house for dinner and out of nowhere I was bawling. Poor Jordan, he did a double take and was like, "What's wrong??" and all I could say was "I don't knowwww." And then when I slowed down a bit he asked if there was anything he could do or what I needed and I replied, "We're having a baby and it's SO WEIRD," and started crying again. So yeah, that's how it's been lately.

Movement: His limbs can stick out pretty far these days. Sometimes I really can't concentrate on what I'm doing or even participate in a conversation because the kid is so distracting with his movements. He also seems to sleep in longer increments though.

Milestones: Had my last shower with my wonderful church family and it was Star Wars themed. :) LOVED it. I'm now full term and can give birth at the birthing center at any time. We finished our birthing classes and newborn care class, now we just have the breastfeeding class. Jordan installed the car seat which weirds me out when I'm driving around!

Best moments of the week: My awesome Star Wars shower planned by my amazing friend Sydney, my mom and mother-in-law coming over and talking all things baby with them, many snow days which seemed like more vacation with Jordan -- made snow cream for the first time, built Snowpel & Snowbert the snowmen, watched lots of Parks & Rec with Eric and Amy, ate lots of breakfast food. It was so nice to be snowed in. :) Jordan's best friend Patrick stayed with us for a couple nights, had a very fun night of watching NC State's victory over UNC with him and the Allreds, Had brunch with some of my high school friends and ate strawberry banana Nutella crepes. :) 

Quotes: We made the mistake of going to Verizon together to get Jordan a new phone. I should have just stayed in the car because they made EVERYTHING they said to us or tried to sell us about the baby. Here's a few things: Boys are awful and so much harder than girls, we need more data because I'll use more because of the baby, we need a new tablet that has LTE because of the baby (what else would we do when we're waiting for him at the hospital?!), we need a video monitor camera that goes with the phone for the baby, we need heavy duty phone cases and screen protectors because of the baby, we need better cameras on our phones for the baby, and on and on and on. We like to make decisions like that together, but good grief I should not have gone in there. In the end he got exactly what he went in there for and was not swayed by any of this. :) 

After I returned some stuff to Target I sat down at their Starbucks to write some thank you notes. A worker was walking by and asked how I was doing, talked about the weather, and asked if I was writing invitations. I told him they were thank yous and he asked, "For what occasion, a wedding?" Bless him. The way I was sitting with my big cardigan it may have been hard to see the belly, but even if he was just being careful it was nice to have someone asking me friendly questions that didn't jump right into, "Any day now, huh?" or in one person at Target's case, just looking at my stomach and saying, "Oh my."

At my church shower I was given a little ball toy for the baby called a Rubbabub. My mom pronounced it Rubbaboob and then my mother-in-law went on to say it must be to rub on your chest to prepare for the roughness of breastfeeding........and this is why being around both of our moms is very entertaining. :)

Jordan quotes: The only quotes that are coming to my mind are from when Jordan's best friend was staying with us and a couple of our other friends were over. They were asking about the birthing classes which provided for some VERY interesting conversation and preconceived notions that were completely wrong from the boys. I'll refrain from putting them here though.

Verses I've been dwelling on: I've been writing down encouraging verses for labor (and life!) which has been a great process. Here's one of the many Psalms I've written down: 

"For You have been my help,
and in the shadow of Your wings
I will sing for joy.
My soul clings to You,
Your right hand upholds me."
-- Psalm 63:7-8



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