Monday, September 21, 2015

Fall Stitch Fix Review

My stylist Claire totally nailed this fix. It is the perfect fall box for me.

(To read more about Stitch Fix and how it works, you can read some of my other reviews here or here!)

I haven't shared my last few boxes on here which where mainly maternity, but I have to share this one before I get to those. Let me just say that Stitch Fix is a game changer as a new mom. They sent me amazing maternity clothes last fall, then comfortable and forgiving postpartum clothes, and now this box is perfect as I get somewhat back to my normal style.

And it's so much better than going shopping! SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I was pretty specific in my note for this box. I told them that I could use some new jeans and would love them to be skinny or boot cut. And that I LOVED my maternity leggings they sent me and wanted some regular ones just like that if possible. I also said I'd love a tunic or something to wear with the leggings. I tried to pin some items to my Pinterest style board that I've been liking, because that seems to help the stylist.

So then Claire sent me those exact, perfect items.

I had a little photo shoot with myself and you'll have to excuse the mess as we are doing a lot in that room to prepare for The Lettered Pine shop which is opening October 1st. :)

Okay, so here are the Rune Kiley Ankle Zip Leggings ($58) with the RD Style Ridge Zipper Detail Cowl Neck Sweater ($64).

The leggings are such good quality and comfortable, and I love the zipper detail. They're the same brand as my maternity leggings that they sent me, so I knew they'd be great before I even put them on.

I liked the sweater much better when I put it on. It's light, comfortable, could be dressed up or down, and the perfect length for the leggings. It's a little bit longer in the back.

Next are the Freida Skinny Jeans ($98) with the Arminta Mixed Material Top ($48). I can't believe they can send me jeans that actually fit. They're definitely higher quality than the jeans I usually wear, so that may have something to do with it, but wow. The ankle holes are a little bigger than I'd like, but I'll either cuff them or tuck them in anyway so it doesn't really matter. 

The top is like fancy + sweatshirt. So cool. The back bottom part is sweatshirt material. The color is gorgeous for fall and I love the relaxed fit!

Lastly, with the same jeans, here is the Alishia Scoop Hem Knit Pocket Tee ($44). This is so comfy and cute. A great fall transition piece for sure. 

I kept the whole box which meant I got a 25% discount. YAY. So the total was $214 for all 5 pieces. And yes, I get credit when people use my referral link, which is awesome. So go ahead and use that link to get your first fix, then you can share your own referral link and build up credit! You get $25 credit for each person who gets their first fix with your link! DO IT. :)

For help picking out what you want, you can browse the Stitch Fix Pinterest and pin those items, or just tell them the type of things you want like I did. It can help to be specific! Especially after you've gotten stuff before and they get to know your style and fit. 

Let me know if you try it!

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Favorite Bible Companion: Write the Word Journal

Last week, my mom gave me a little gift. I had seen the Write the Word journal by Lara Casey online, but hadn't thought much about getting it for myself since I already have other tools to help me study the Bible.

But, wow, I am so thankful she gave it to me. I've been using it for a week now and LOVE it.

It's beautifully made -- sturdy, yet flexible. Made out of vegan leather, so it's easy to clean and wipe off, which is nice since I've already gotten a few stray pen marks on the white cover. The gold foil details are such a pretty touch.

The inside cover has white and blue stripes, along with a space to write or draw whatever you want. Your name, an inspiring phrase or verse, a picture. I love how the pages are thick enough to accommodate my brush pens without bleeding through.

One little thing that makes a big difference to me personally is that it LAYS FLAT. I love how it can do that without a spiral binding. Genius. It also has a handy bookmark.

Of course, what matters is the inside. Why and how do I actually use it?

First, there is a spot for Today Is -- the date, an adjective, what you're doing that day, etc.

Then, there's a box titled I'm Grateful For for a quick time of reflection and thanksgiving.

After that is where you actually Write the Word. There's a Scripture reference at the top of this section and space to write it out below. The Scripture passages aren't random, they were specially selected. This Volume 1 journal contains selections from Matthew, Mark, Proverbs, and Psalm. There are 100 pages including an intro and 49 Scripture passages. 

Then on the right side, there is a section for On My Heart Today. This is where you write whatever you want -- response to the passage, prayer, lists, drawings, anything. That's what's so great about this journal, it prompts me JUST enough but also gives me the freedom to use it in my own personal way. 

What I have personally enjoyed doing is this process:
  • Fill out the top 2 sections
  • Read the passage in my ESV journaling Bible
  • Write the passage
  • Read the passage on my phone in another version
  • Write the passage in that different version
  • Read through both versions of the passage
  • Respond in prayer
It may sound like a lot, but it doesn't take that much time and it really helps me to repeat the reading and to use different versions. I love that there is space to do that, too. Sometimes I've read a passage so many times in one version that it's hard for it sink in, so that's why I like to do some comparisons and get a fresh take on it. I find that I can better dwell on it throughout the day when I read it multiple times and write it out.

That's why I love this journal. The simplicity of it has been so beneficial, especially as a new mom. Above any other books or studies to help me, I NEED Scripture and I NEED prayer. That is how I get to know God better, how He communicates with me, how I grow closer to Him. It's not just a fun thing to do (and it's not always fun anyway, it can be tough and convicting, not just warm and fuzzy!), it's a necessity. This journal has helped me to get back to the basics.

Since Volume 1 is officially sold out already, I'm so glad that more of these will be coming out. Sign me up for allllll the volumes! You can't beat the price at $15, either. You will be able to get it at the Lara Casey Shop and check out the hashtag on Instagram: #writetheword. Let me know if you get one and love it, too!

Write The Word Bible Journal Lara Casey Shop

*Disclaimer: affiliate links have been used in this post. I love the Lara Casey shop and am honored to be an affiliate with them! :)


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