Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What I Read in 2015 & 2016 Reading List

I had to share some of the books I read last year and what I'm reading now/this year. I'm so passionate about this and force book ideas on people all the time so I figured I'd compile a list here. :) I'm only going to share nonfiction because I honestly don't read fiction that much anymore and that depends so much on random personal preferences. And I'm not going to make many comments because I'm sure Amazon reviews would be more in depth anyway, haha.

The books on the left are some that I read in 2015, and the books on the right are ones that I'm currently reading or am going to read this year.

I have MANY more on my Kindle since that is my primary reading tool these days and I can find such good deals on there! Some of them will be included in the lists.

What I Read in 2015
Read These NOW -- These three books pertain to issues that are currently hot topics in our culture. That's why I'm suggesting you read them sooner rather than later. It can be so easy to stay in my little bubble and these helped open my eyes beyond my personal perspective. Along with the book by Scott Sauls in my 2016 list which I would group along with these, I just haven't finished that one yet.
Parenting Books

2016 Reading List

Parenting Books

The above list is one of the books I actually have and will definitely read this year. I'm sure many more will be added to this list as I check them out of the Kindle Library (best invention ever, check your local library website) and acquire more. I welcome your suggestions!

I also read fiction but have to be really careful about that as I can get sucked in and it takes too much of my time. This is also possible with nonfiction of course, but it happens to me more easily with fiction. Reading can be an idol for me and I have to guard against it! Unless I'm reading the Bible of course. I usually save fiction for trips and vacations. :)


  1. What did you think of Jen Hatmaker's book? I got it for Christmas and am trying to figure out my feelings on it.

    1. It wasn't my favorite but I was glad I read it. There was some good stuff in there that made me think. I understand what you mean, though. :)

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