Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Normal Day: Judah 1 Year

In the past couple months Judah and I have really fallen into a groove. I love it. I love knowing what to expect (which is not common as a new parent or just being a parent in general of course) and am cherishing it before he moves on to a new schedule eventually. And before the new baby comes and the schedule disintegrates before my eyes.

Here is Judah's one year old day if we were to not go anywhere.

7:00 -- 8:00 am

I wake up sometime between 7 and 7:30 depending on what I need to be ready for that day and if I'm washing my hair or not (which changes EVERYTHING). I get ready, eat breakfast which is always always always 2 pieces of toast, one with peanut butter, one with homemade strawberry jelly. I have a jelly dealer at Jordan's work. Seriously. And chocolate milk to drink. I don't drink coffee anymore as lately I prefer only iced coffee and haven't found anything I love for home. So chocolate milk it is. Which I drink sometimes at night too. Basically 80% of my pregnancy weight gain is due to chocolate milk. I digress.

While I eat breakfast and through the rest of the time before Judah wakes up I have my devotional time, which usually spills over into when he is awake but the completely focused time is pre-Judah wakeup.

8:00ish -- 9:30 am

Judah wakes up usually around 8. He's a slow riser, making little noises and movements for a while and I let him have some time to get out of the sleepy zone before I go in there. If he wakes up before 8 then Jordan will go get him so he can see him before he leaves for work. If this happens then we love to watch "Dada's truck" leave and Judah waves bye-bye, unless he is thinking about the fact that his favorite person in the world is leaving for the day and cries which does happen. He's a little obsessed with Jordan.

He still drinks a bottle first thing and we haven't been rushing to get rid of it. No more formula, though! Hurray! He loves milk.

Then he goes straight into play time. He usually forgets about me for at least 20-30 minutes (unless I eat something of course) as he rediscovers some of his toys. This is what I meant by my devotional time being extended during this time. He is usually GREAT at playing independently which is nice, but I play with him a lot as well. I hope he keeps that up when #2 gets here but we'll see. So I try to get some housework or random things done at this time as well.

9:30 -- 10/10:30

Judah's breakfast time. My snack time. We sit together at the kitchen table eating and laughing. At the end of his breakfast time I read a children's Bible to him and pray. It's gotten to the point where he asks for me to read it by pointing and trying to say Bible (which sounds a lot like bye-bye except for the voice inflection) and it's adorable. I am super dramatic with the stories and he loves it. Then we pray. Well, I pray and he tries to say "amen" but it's usually just "mmm".

After breakfast he may play a little bit more and then we read some books before nap. He loves books and it helps him wind down for his next sleepy time. He is not anywhere close to dropping this nap and gets so sleepy after 2-2.5 hours of being awake. I feel the same way these days...

10:30 -- 12:00

First nap. Since I am a hungry pregnant beast I usually go ahead and eat lunch by 11 or so. I really can't eat around him without him wanting all my food so nap times include food for me for sure. During this time I may finish getting ready if that needs to be done. Most of the time I do house work and listen to a podcast because I'm obsessed with podcasts. If we are going somewhere after this nap then I get things ready for that.

12:00 -- 2:00

More play time. Lunch for Judah. If we have places to go it's usually during this time.

2:00 -- 3:00

If we are home for the day then we almost always go for a walk to the park during this time. He loves being outside and we have a little park in our neighborhood with a beautiful greenway leading to it. It's my favorite thing about our neighborhood. He swings at the park and is OVERJOYED if there are kids there for him to watch and wave to. He loves kids and toddlers. Not sure about babies but we'll find out soon.

3:00/3:30 -- 4:30

Second nap. More time for me to get stuff done. And EAT of course. And prep dinner if I didn't do that already. When am I gonna do these things when #2 gets here? No clue. God bless this time of 2 naps.

4:30 -- 5:45

Snack. Play time. Occasionally Judah will watch some Sesame Street. We never have the tv on when he's up unless it's Sesame Street or a ball game so he probably thinks those are the only things that live in that black box. It's not that I'm against tv, I just don't watch it really unless I'm with Jordan. And we don't have cable. So it's not on. I love the quiet. Our culdesac is REALLY someone will shut their car door outside and I'm like ugh stop with the noise. As I type each paragraph I realize more and more how much this new baby is going to change things. I'm in for it.

Usually sometime in this hour we both start getting antsy for Jordan to get home so I pull out the favorite toy that stays hidden otherwise because he goes nuts to play with it -- the Tupperware shape sorter ball. This is my trick to make him happy if he's being fussy at home. The catch is that he needs me to actively help him do it. He can put the shapes in their places by himself but I have to show him where they go and hold the ball steady. The moment he puts the last shape in he starts to cry because they're all gone, that's how much he loves this thing. It is getting more difficult as I get larger to play with him on the floor so I usually limit the shape ball to three times. When he can do it by himself he'll probably work on it like an 8 hour work day. 

5:45 -- 7:45

DADA IS HOME and all is right with the world. This may include a bike ride, hanging out in the garage/gym with our friend Eric, crazy tickling and wrestling on the floor, guitar playing, etc. Now that I list some of these activities out I can see why Judah is ecstatic to have Dada home. He's a fun guy. We usually have commitments at least 2 or 3 week nights but this is how it goes when we're all at home. We all eat dinner around 6:30.

7:45 -- 8:15

Usually we end the night's play time with a family dance session. It's pretty hilarious. Then it's bath time, bottle, bed. Which we've done since about week 2 of his life. He's so sweet before bed that it's always hard to say goodnight. But then we are eager to have Jordan & Ashley time so it's not THAT hard... :)


  1. I smiled all the way through this! :)

  2. Grady's cold brew coffee (from Amazon) tastes great and is really easy to brew!

  3. What Bible do you have for Judah? I have a 14 month daughter and have been looking for a good toddler Bible for her! - aly

    1. My favorite is the Jesus Storybook Bible, but we finished that one and are now in the Beginner's Bible. I'm sure we will switch back and forth!

    2. Thanks! I've heard good things about the Jesus storybook Bible, so this confirms it haha :) I found your blog when I was pregnant with my daughter and I've appreciated your blogs as I feel like I can identify with you on a lot of things. And I'm a few weeks behind you but expecting number 2 myself! - Aly

  4. Try the Pioneer Woman's iced coffee recipe! I'm gonna try to keep in the fridge this summer because otherwise we end up running to Dunkin and spend a million dollars all summer because we're hot and tired.

  5. Since you said you are preferring iced coffee and haven't found anything you love at home, have you tried Trader Joe's Cold Brew Concentrate? I love it! Do you have a Trader Joe's near you? Also, since having my second daughter, I can't have dairy but unsweetened almond milk (Simply Balanced-Target brand) is a great "creamer". I know it's not everything but it's a great help in this sleep deprived season.



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