Sunday, January 22, 2017

How I Store & Print my Photos + FREE Chatbook for you!

One of my goals recently has been to overhaul my photo storage and printing situation. Especially since having kids it has been kinda overwhelming and ridiculous how many photos I have and how they are sitting on my phone/computer doing nothing. I want to actually ENJOY the pictures. Here is the process I've found works best for me.

(If you're here for the free Chatbooks link, you can go ahead and click here!)


I store all of my photos in an external hard drive organized by years, then months, and then specific holidays or events within months. I have a separate iPhone folder under each month. I try to upload photos at least monthly. The key is to carve out enough time to DELETE photos when I upload. It can be difficult to delete, but I pick some favorites to edit and save and then get rid of the rest. Judah is not going to want to go through 57 photos of himself sitting in front the Christmas tree making different faces someday.

It's also helpful to keep a folder going of ones you definitely want to print. I have one called Gallery Wall where I am collecting photos for a gallery wall I am planning for our office. It's good to be specific with your folders!

Photo Books

When my family gathers at my grandparents' house we inevitably go through old photo albums at some point. This is what I want to be able to do with our photos!  Not just on a screen. But I also want the process of creating the albums to be as SIMPLE as possible.

Chatbooks is my solution to this. It honestly doesn't get easier. You can sign up to receive a Series and they will automatically send you photo books WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO DO ANYTHING. It is truly magical. And only $8 for a 60 page book that is great quality.

All you do is link up your Instagram account and once you post 60 photos they will send you a book of them. If you want to edit which photos that are included you can definitely do that (and they will notify you before they send the book) but you don't have to.

I decided to make a separate Instagram account solely for Chatbooks photos. Then I know exactly what is going to be included (just personal family photos) and I can make the captions how I want them for the book. I also don't post certain kinds of photos on my public account, so this separate account is for my eyes only. It sounds complicated but it's super easy to switch over to another account on Instagram and add photos.

You can also make custom books through Chatbooks for up to 365 photos. I made one for 2016 and it was the least frustrating process for making a photo book I've ever done and I'm SO pleased with how it turned out.

Photo Prints

If I am printing larger photos to frame I use mpix -- awesome price point, quality, speed of shipping, and customer service.

I love having square Instagram prints hanging in my kitchen and to stick in the boys' baby books. I am not fussy about their baby books -- I basically just tape printed Instagram photos in them and try to write some updates monthly/after doctor visits.

If you need Instagram prints extremely quickly and cheap, you can easily get them from Walgreens. BUT the quality is definitely lacking.

Chatbooks offers easy Instagram prints that are also excellent quality, 24 for $12. It takes NO TIME to order them from their app and you can get prints from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Select photos, crop if needed, optional white border, done.

It took me a while to jump on the Chatbooks train for no good reason, but now that I did, I love it. It truly simplifies that part of my life and is one less thing to take up mental space.

To get your FREE BOOK use this link! 

You get a free book and I get a free book. Win Win. (Then you get a referral link for free books too!)


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