Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Athleisure with Stitch Fix

Athleisure is a bandwagon that I am currently driving. Did I sleep in these clothes? Did I work out in them? Or did I just go to the store? The world may never know.

I asked Stitch Fix for some specific articles of athleisure type clothing and they sent the PERFECT items. I wear these clothes way, WAY too much. They're comfortable but a little more put together than yoga pants and a t-shirt. 

  • John Striped Cardigan ($48) -- SO SOFT. Ridiculously soft. Neutral. Great length. (Covers my rear, I'm 5'4" for reference.) Can dress it up or down. The perfect cardigan.
  • Teighlor Slim Fit Drawstring Jogger Pant ($78) -- Again, crazy soft. Thick enough to be legit pants. They are more expensive for a good reason -- these are NOT your typical joggers. The quality is superb. They have such a smooth, soft, luxurious feel and I can tell they'll hold up for the long haul.
  • Jesse Crossbody Bag ($48) -- The only bag I carry when I'm not using a diaper bag. I love the size and it goes with everything. 
  • Voice Zip Sneaker ($69) -- Comfortable, but a step up from normal sneakers. I was wary of requesting shoes but even though the first pair they sent me didn't fit, I was able to easily exchange them for a different size.

  • Accalia Anorak Jacket ($128) -- Exactly what I was looking for in a new jacket. Super versatile and I love the olive color. This also looks amazing dressed up with jeans and heels. It's a waterproof material which makes for a stylish raincoat as well.

As I've said in the past (like in this past review) it helps to be really specific with your requests. I tell them exactly what I'm looking for and pin what I like on my style board. Sometimes they've sent me exactly what I've pinned!

Although the prices can (but don't always) run higher than I would normally spend, I don't mind that for a few reasons. Firstly, it takes the time and effort of shopping out of the equation (I also just dislike shopping in general). Secondly, the quality is excellent. I've gotten some of my most loved and most worn staples from them. Lastly, I'm just gonna be up front here -- I save up referral money for this. That's an awesome part of Stitch Fix -- after you get your first one, you then have your own referral code and can get $25 for EACH person who tries it after you recommend it to them. That's a pretty sweet perk and can add up quickly.

Have you gotten any great athleisure pieces from Stitch Fix


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